What is it all about?

2013-09-14 14.21.06

This blog is a space for me (Gav or Megatron if you prefer) and other denim heads to talk about our experiences, travels, loves, hates and work with the things which we love, mainly being denim and work wear.

Incorporated into this is the First World Artefact theme, involving my opinions on, and search for my personal grails and items which will stay with me through the course of my life. Timeless things of immense quality which will serve me through my life with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of personal pleasure.

Anything  written here is a personal expression and in no way should be interpreted as the views of any organisation or company.

7 thoughts on “What is it all about?”

  1. The garment’s virtue for me is all about partcipating ourselves personally with this kind of functional art… the journey with a pair of fabric we loved the most..

  2. Gav,

    Out of interest, why do you tumble dry your jeans? Is it to increase the shrinkage? To dry them quicker? You like the effect? Something else?

    1. I don’t really know honestly, I did it first on my HWDC1 Samurai with no ill effects and now I just carry on. I’m a big believer in natural wear, and the tumble dryer is part of MY natural wear, to dry me expensive jawns differently from all the rest of my clothes would seem artificial to me.

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