DHQ Comment – Back To Basics


There can be no doubt that the denim and work wear scene is growing rapidly, perhaps too rapidly for my comfort but that is another story, with new brands and customers, new denims and innovative design tweaks around every corner it is easy to become dazzled by everything which seems new and shiny. As customers we can now buy raw selvedge denim to fit our budget, which will tick many of the boxes we look for in a quality pair of jeans, from manufacturers based both outside and inside the traditional markets, we can buy from Kickstarter brands, we can buy from more retailers than ever before and choose a denim to suit our very particular style, comfort and climate requirements. We can buy vintage 55 cuts, we can buy super slim tapered cuts, we can even buy glow in the dark denim. This is all very exciting at first, but speaking personally it is just beginning to wear me down a little, the sensory overload of everything new and exciting is conversely making me crave something familiar and dependable, so what does that really mean?


I am most definitely a creature of habit, and my habits tend to work in cycles, there are times when I want to experience new jeans and shirts from brands and manufacturers I have never tried before with crazy designs and unique stories. Then there are times when I want to wear a pair of five pocket blue jeans with cuffs, a white tee shirt and a chambray work shirt with a well-made pair of boots and just feel happy with myself. This is where I am at the moment.

2014-05-15 06.59.14

This is both a good and a bad thing for me personally, on the one hand it does limit what I can write and talk about here on DHQ as there is only so much I can say about the same shirt, jeans and boots, on the other hand it is perfect timing for this cycle with the DWC looming so close (8 weeks and counting). I am genuinely looking forward to committing myself to the same small number of clothes for a fixed period and thus removing the majority of the thought and effort from my everyday appearance. The thing about limiting my clothing choices for the next 24 months is that whilst many would find it expressively limiting, I find it completely liberating. There is so much to be said for getting out of bed and pulling the same jeans on every day, the same shirt and just adding a jacket and some footwear, especially for someone who spends as much time thinking about, writing about and talking about denim as I do.

2014-03-21 12.39.01

On the 1st of May I will put on my DWC contest jeans and know that they will be my default setting for the next 24 months, shortly after I’ll add a shirt or jacket to the mix, then finally some footwear. I can honestly say that I am looking forward to the comfort that kind of uniformity brings, maybe I should have joined the military?

2 thoughts on “DHQ Comment – Back To Basics”

  1. As a corollary to the post, the Guardian had a piece about how Obama and Zuckerberg wear the same clothes every day, and run the world…




    Essentially it’s cutting down on an unimportant decision in order to have more time to focus on the important ones.

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