Fine Lines


Over the past few weeks I have read with interest quite a few debates on the internet between people discussing “which is the best…..”? The item in question has been everything from a games console, to a laptop, to a smart phone and obviously our favoured subjects of denim and work wear. What strikes me and intrigues me about the sheer amount of these debates, and the passion with which they are argued is that we all have an inherent desire to have the best “thing” available to us. The problem being that, as with all arguments, there comes a point where it becomes irrelevant, where the margins being compared are so infinitesimal as to not matter in the slightest, and that is the most popular kind of argument which the internet produces.


With particular regards to denim and work wear it is my contention that there is a level reached where something as tangible as quality becomes so intangible that one is indistinguishable from the other except when judged by personal taste or studied to a level of detail so minute as to make no difference. You may feel that the slubby, hairy denim of your Oni’s is preferable to the uniform texture of the Iron Heart 21oz, or you may feel that the over engineered construction on your Iron Heart’s is far more durable that the all-cotton stitch used by Samurai, you may believe that Samurai’s cuts offer more variety and better fits that those offered by Flat Head and so on, in reality this is just opinion and bears no reflection on which is better, they are all simply different.


Likewise when it comes to boots, a lifelong wearer of White’s might scoff at a pair of Viberg as grossly overpriced , whilst the Viberg wearer will point to the neater edging and finishing. A Wesco wearer will say that their boots offer the best of both worlds with a solid construction and superior leather, whereas a fan of more English style boots would probably say that brands like Trickers and Sargent are the true mark of boot making excellence . The reality being that all are absolutely top level footwear manufacturers who offer pretty much the finest boots you could ever purchase, the slight variations are again down to preference, style and budget.

2014-01-25 13.43.22

Unlike technology, clothing cannot be separated by mere specifications, processor speeds or media compatibility, although the truth in modern society is that technology can be just as much of a personal statement as what we wear. The levels of distinction between brands at the highest level actually serve to remove quality from the argument as a general topic, some may disagree due to a personal negative experience, and moves the subject to the simple question of “what is my preference?”

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