HWDC2 Ends, DWC Begins

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The next few weeks promise to be quite busy for me, the HWDC2 is coming to a close and the DWC is getting ready to launch, all of which means that there will be much excitement in the coming weeks. Anyone who has observed the HWDC2 threads over on Superfuture and the Iron Heart forum will have seen some of the most amazing faded denim around as the HWDC2 draws to a close, there is no doubt that judging will a monumental task for our panel of experts. So what’s going to be happening to bring one competition to a close and launch the next? Let me explain.

87FE5519-5A30-4319-B196-6020B34D5279-15389-000013B2834181E5 photo-1

As we wind down the HWDC2 all remaining contestants will be asked to make their final submissions in the relevant forum threads. I will notify our judging panel and ask them to make their selections from both the Heavyweight and Super Heavyweight categories, whoever polls the most selections will win their category. From there it will be a straight fight between the two category winners to find the overall Heavyweight Denim Champion of the world, and announce their victory. I will then contact all the sponsors to send their pledged prizes out to the lucky winners.

HDC-version-2 65155_569949153031536_801766967_n

The DWC launch will be a much more simple affair, as it will technically involve nothing other than contestants starting their own thread on the DWC forum, telling us about their jeans and updating regularly. The first three months will see the first challenges for those taking part, as well as the first walking challenge in the BWC and the first “condition statement” pictures from those continuing from HWDC2 into HWDC3 “Last Man Standing”. Those who signed up to use the contest jeans provided by Iron Heart, and the contest boots provided by Wesco will get their wares shortly and I am personally extremely excited to see them.

IMG_5245 IMG_7120

The next 24 months promise a whole host of new denim journeys, just as we have seen in the HWDC2. The standard of competition from those remaining as that contest draws to a close is simply incredible, if the DWC can match that then I think that we will all be super impressed.

One thought on “HWDC2 Ends, DWC Begins”

  1. Very excited about the DWC kicking off soon! Extremely proud and humbled that Gavin & Co. allowed us, Union of Artisans, to roll with them and set up the Artisan Challenge together with DWC. Seeing the movements DWC is causing in the denim scene amongst wearer, followers and newbies .. we salute you sirs!

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