Denim HQ – The DHQ Christmas List

Christmas presents piled underneath a christmas tree.

As the festive period is almost upon us we see our thoughts turning to the true meaning of the season, what cool stuff would we like for Christmas? Mainly thanks to the new arrival of a dog in my house who has taken to eating my furniture, and my boys seemingly flawless ability to completely destroy his iPad at the most inopportune moment, I am not expecting Santa Clause to be too kind to me this year, but a boy can dream right? With that in mind, and in the vain hope that my wife has been stockpiling cash away to give me my wildest dreams, here is my Christmas want list…

Wesco Flightmaster


The Flightmaster is a Wesco model produced exclusively for the Japanese market. It is a modified packer built on the motor patrol last which has the effect of giving the typically slender packer shape a little more heft. Earlier this year when I had the pleasure of trying out a few really nice Wesco builds I began researching their models to find something which could possibly replace the White’s SD in my affections as my favourite multi purpose boot, the Flightmaster looks like it could be ideal as the images below show. I have actually got a pair of these on order, but I currently have no idea if they will be here in time for Christmas.


Since I saw the Flightmaster those guys at The Bootery (Europe’s official Wesco dealer) have taken a stab at designing the ultimate utility boot also with their exclusive Foot Patrol, and a very nice job they have made of it too. This boot is available at a discounted price for the BWC here…..

Iron Heart IHJ-25

IHJ-25-02-1 ihj-25
I’m a sucker for blanket lining, so it’s super odd that I don’t own anything blanket lined. The IHJ-25 is a blanket lined, slightly modified tanker jacket from Iron Heart and it looks just about perfect for a casual winter jacket. The modification comes from (what I can see) in the form of a slightly lengthened body and narrower arms than the version used in the military through the 40’s and 50’s. I want this jacket, but it would be a pure luxury and vanity purchase as I need to get more wear out of my Alexander leather before I think of getting another jacket.

Jelado Athletic Sweatshirt

Sweater_Grey_1_1024x1024 Sweater_Grey_3_1024x1024

Oddly, what holds me back from getting more wear out of my Alexander leather is that I don’t have enough short tops to wear with it. Most of my shirts hang a good 3″ below the hem of the jacket and just look a little sloppy to me, so with winter around the corner it seem appropriate that I should look at a vintage, box fit style sweatshirt, and in my experience Jelado make the best one. I know people rave about Buzz Rickson and Real McCoys but I have owned both of them and neither are as good as the Jelado version, which is so much substantial, softer and simply feels like a more premium product. I might drop some subtle hints about this one to my dearest wife.

ZeeBee Leathers Phone Case

IMG_2360 IMG_2362

Zach is a friend of mine, but I happen to believe that he is also one of the most talented up and coming leather craftsmen out there. My last 2 cases for my iPhone 4S and 5S were both made by ZeeBee, and as I know that he is in the process of laying hands on some really nice new hides, including a Number 8 Cordovan, and the fact that I’m really digging his new case design, I am definitely going to be signing up for one of these. I don’t tend to carry much with me at all and have been using a Tush Leathers card case in place of a wallet all year, this could even replace that as I continually seek to minimize my pocket load.


You might notice the glaring omission of any denim from the list, the very good reason for this is that I am currently drowning in jeans, I wear my HWDC2 contest jeans all week (Iron Heart Mega Beatle Busters) and then face the tough choice between my Samurai’s, Trophy’s or Sauce Zhan’s at the weekend, a real first world issue. Not to mention that as soon as I stop wearing the MBB’s I’m going to be committing to another pair for a further 2 years, so denim is not something which I’ll be needing much more of for quite some time.

What’s on your Christmas list? Let me know in the comments section below.

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