Denim HQ x DWC – Public Service Announcement


By now the DWC web site is live, and the keen observers who have taken the opportunity to have a thorough investigation of all the pages will have noticed that certain things are missing, don’t worry they are still in process and I’m happy to give you an update on some of the glaring omissions.


The Judging panel will be either selected from, or nominated by our plethora of sponsors. Every sponsor has at least one vote in the main DWC, along with separate judging duties in the other contest/ divisions. The judging panel will be fully announced in the coming weeks.


Prizes will be provided both by the sponsors, and by the DWC itself, trust me when I say that the overall winner of the DWC will be in denim heaven. Once the sponsors have decided what they would like to award the prize pool will be split between the individual contests and the DWC, a further announcement on this will be made in the coming weeks.

Competition Specific Products and Prizes

HWDC2 had the Iron Heart Mega Beatle Busters, HWBC had the White’s Bounty Hunter, both were very successful and so this is something which we were very keen to continue. Some of our sponsors are currently working to spec, produce and announce competition specific products, others will make existing products available at a discounted rate for contest participants. As you can appreciate this is not a quick process but we will make announcements as and when information is available, expect the first of these to be made in the coming week concerning jeans, jackets and boots…so keep your powder dry for now until you see what is coming.


There will be events, loose plans are in place for locations and themes for the first of these, but we will not announce anything until the plans become more than loose.

Sign Up Procedure

The sign up procedure for the DWC is as follows…

– Click on the link to register for the type of contest which you wish to enter.

– You will be redirected to Paypal.

– Enter your details.

– Your order will then need to be approved by the DWC staff, this will take a maximum of 12 hours.

– Sign up to the forum and enter the discussion.

– Only registered contestants can view and participate in the DWC forums.

– Please direct any questions through the link on the DWC web site or Facebook.

Hopefully that mini update clears up a few points, as always we can be reached through the email link on the DWC website or through or Facebook page or Twitter.

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