Denim HQ – Our New Writer From Germany, beautiful_FrEak


I’m sure that most people who frequent the major denim forums will familiar with beautiful_FrEak, he is a well known source of knowledge on denim, and particularly the Osaka 5 brands. His Samurai fit guide has proved an invaluable resource to Samurai wearers the world over and now he has agreed to come and write over at Denim HQ, which we are very pleased about. Over to the man himself to provide his own introduction…


Hi everybody,

as you might see me more often around these parts of the internet, I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself. If you are a typical visitor of the suspected denim-related forums, you already might have seen some of my smartass posts.

I started wearing dry denim in early 2007. My gateway drug was a pair of Nudie Jeans as it was for most guys back then. The alternative was APC. There wasn’t such a broad offer for “beginner rare denim jeans” like nowadays and also the availability left much to be desired…

It didn’t take long and in mid-2007 I joined MyNudies and a few months later Sufu. From that point I learned a lot about the whole “thing behind” raw denim: the wearing, washing and caring parts and to keep in mind, the Japanese brands!

In 2008 I took the big leap and ordered my first pair of Japanese jeans straight from Japan. A pair of DenimJunkie DJ-501XX directly from the source. This “brand” (it wasn’t a real brand but more a one-man project) is now long extinct but D/J’s eye for details is still among the best brands I handled.

From that point everything went quickly: my first contest in 2009 (Denime XX/66XX), my first world tour in 2010 (Ooe Yofukuten “The Traveling Pants”), building of my Samurai jeans collection, my hunt for deadstock Japanese jeans and on and on…

I can already tell you that my main focus is on Japanese jeans. Tops, boots, outerwear are on a lower priority for me. My big love goes to the repro brands from the Osaka5, Denime in particular, and also smaller and lesser known and/or available brands.

Hopefully you enjoy my writings and Gavin endures correcting my non-native speaker scribblings.




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