Last weekend saw us announce what will be the biggest denim contest ever, the Denim World Championship (DWC). We got a feeling for the level of popularity we are looking at when the Facebook page got over 600 likes in less than 48 hours, and this is really exciting as we believe that this contest is fantastic way to bring together all elements of the denim community to enjoy denim (and boots) in their most pure form, being worn by real people. It’s going to be a busy few months as sponsors announce their special products and offers for the contest in the coming weeks, and contestants make their all important decisions about jeans, jackets, shirts and boots. The build up to the contest is hugely exciting for me and understandably since the announcement I have been innundated with questions about the contest, many of which have expressed excitement and interest in the HWDC3 so I have to let the cat out of the bag here and tell you that the HWDC3 is only one part of the DWC, far from the whole thing.


With the DWC we really want to up the scope and remove limitations so as you have probably decifered from the imagery we have published thus far there will be weight classes for each and every denim you can think of, including heavyweight and super heavyweight, but HWDC3 will be something different entirely (the clue is in the name). It was important to me that as the contest evolves into something much more immersive and accessible to denim fans from all over the world, and of all budgets, that we didn’t simply kill off the HWDC, I felt that we needed to say goodbye properly and I think that we can do this in a very focussed way.


The remainder of the DWC will have its details revealed very soon, the website will open on Novemeber 1st but there will still be some details missing as we are still discussing the full judging panel and prizes with our sponsors. The early opening for registration is done for a variety of reasons, chief amongst which is preparation for everyone, sponsors, retailers and contestants alike, special products have to be pre ordered and made by brands, stocks have to be arranged and for average Joe’s like me we have to put some funds aside to figure out what will be covering our legs, arm and feet for the next couple of years in the name of pure and simple evolution.


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