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Apart from the picture post for the new DWC contest there hasn’t been much content added to DHQ in the last few days, this isn’t because I have been busy with the contest set up (although I have), it isn’t because I have become devoid of things to write about, it is because I re-read everything I had prepared to share in the last few days and decided that I hated it. I had written a piece about the mechanics of a denim brand, another about marketing groups within the denim scene and a last one about what the brand line up of your wardrobe suggests about you, and then I realised that I wasn’t writing about denim any more, I was writing about marketing and economics and this isn’t a business studies site, this is a denim and work wear site and I needed to check myself.

2014-04-05 12.42.38

I have studied marketing and economics to one degree or another, dry subjects masquerading as black arts in understanding people, they have no place here. The business of denim can be an interesting subject, and I do recommend that everyone questions exactly where their money is going before simply buying a pair of Nudies (for example) because Flathead (for example) are too expensive, there are reasons. After discovering that I was in danger of boring this web site out of existence I took the time to look at the emails I get sent through LinkedIn and other similar sites about branding and licensing, I read some posts on my social media feed by people who’s specialist subject and living is branding, creating buzz and interest in products under the assumption that they will sell you a better lifestyle….I shuddered a little…this is not why I love denim. I do not want to be sold a lifestyle, I have a lifestyle, it began to irk me that I was constantly being shown what cool and hip people were doing with their denim and how “totally awesome” their lives were because of it. This is not my idea of the denim community. I felt guilty that I had so easily been drawn into this world, I have developed my own brand concept even (although it sells no lifestyle, it’s actually pretty fun and ridiculous), and it is time to take a step back.

2014-01-19 13.19.00

It was working on the DWC which brought me to the thought that I need to get back to some denim purity, the fabric, the thrill of ownership, the fit, the cut, the wear, the details. I thought back to the idea which became the first HWDC and it was simply that I wanted to see more well worn heavy denim, I wanted to see it evolve and enjoy that process with a group of like minded individuals. What we’re doing today with the DWC is a much evolved extension of that with much more time , effort and money spent on it but essentially it is the very same idea. To take a world wide community and enjoy the shared experience of watching our denim evolve as a group, to share our love of denim from beginning to end. From agonising over which should be your “contest” jeans, to finally selecting them, the excitement of awaiting their arrival, the fit, the soak, the cuff, the hem, those early stages of evolution, watching the fit settle and sharing your denim adventures for two years. For me the experience does not get much more pure than that.

2013-09-14 14.21.06

From here on in I want to immerse myself in what really matters, I want to spend more time here on DHQ talking about great things made by great companies run by people who don’t spend their time sat around in meeting rooms, looking at flip charts filled with photographs of chiselled models sat on motorbikes (hello Mr Beckham). I am a simple man, I like nice denim which has been made with character, quality and the occasional quirk to make it interesting, I do not appreciate denim from a marketing perspective, I like it because it’s fucking cool and it fits my lifestyle. In fact, it doesn’t matter why I like it, it only matters that I do and not because some suit wearing douche is being told by an army of art school graduates wearing plimsolls and ironic t shirts what he should do to sell me denim. I call upon anyone reading this to see through the marketing of everything, not just jeans, don’t be lied to, don’t be sold someone else’s vision of your dream. Wear what you want because you want to, have a good time doing it and lets get excited about this stuff because we want to.

2013-09-07 11.29.21

Coming up I’m going to be talking about winter flannels, my new jeans (incoming), selecting a new pair of boots, breaking in new boots and talking a whole lot about the fun we have planned for the DWC. No bullshit, no marketing, just a guy shooting the breeze about the things he loves.

4 thoughts on “Denim HQ – Purity”

  1. I think one of the most important things is the denim, however with your last two HWDC’s the onus to “have to” do monthly challenges is a bit ridiculous and actually goes against exactly what you were just saying above. Probably also the reason there are so few participants at the end of the comp. I have thought about joining both times, but these set rules are just plain silly. The end result is the same, and I am sure more people would share the evo of their jeans if there weren’t these strict guidelines. Its a pain in the ass, and a lot of people don’t have the time to do monthly challenges and it makes the comp seem like work, which it shouldn’t. Because as you keep saying its about the denim and you like to see what happens. Who cares what happens in-between the start and end. I don’t want to share my life with people on the internet, however my love for denim I would gladly show what my evo looks like.
    Sorry, a bit of a rant, but having followed the HWDC on forums with each challenge you see fewer and fewer people post. Is there a reason for this? I think so.

    1. Orin,

      Sorry man but you clearly haven’t followed very well. The challenges are every three months, and you don’t get kicked out for not doing them so there is not “have to”, hell even I’ve missed some of them.

      They are there to add a fun element to those interested, nothing more.

  2. The decision to make them none compulsory was taken shortly after HWDC2 started, I have updated the first post on the SuFu thread so that this is not lost.

    Also, HWDC1 didn’t have any challenges.

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