Denim HQ – Random Updates


Over the past few months I have left a few loose ends which need tying off, none of them really warrant their own post so I will round up where I’m at with a few things that I’ve been looking into.


First World Artefacts (FWA) – I left this with me waxing lyrical about the lightweight tee which I acquired from United Athle, a company with the communication skills of the Mongol horde, and a promise that I would pick up more of their tee’s in different weights before providing final judgement on whether I had indeed found “my perfect tee”. The order for a couple of new tee’s, a 12oz heavy sweatshirt and a 10oz hoody went in today so expect a full United Athle love or hate fest coming in the next few weeks…


Sub Division Part 3 (Sportswear) – I must admit laziness here, I need to educate myself a little on this subject before publishing an article on the subject. I have some knowledge but alas not enough to write something worthwhile, so I will educate myself on my way to London on the train this weekend and report back shortly.


Recommend Me Some Jeans – The response to this piece blew me away, it was getting almost like harassment over the comments, social media and email and I checked out every single pair of jeans mentioned, which was a real education. I narrowed it down to four models, being the S710OG which prompted the piece originally, the Ooe Yofukuten, Sugar Cane Okinawa and Red Cloud R400 17oz or 424BE, all of these jeans are great choices and any would make me super happy. I narrowed the choice down to the Samurais and the Red Cloud for no other reason than my own personal taste and I am 99.9% settled on the Red Cloud jeans purely because I have never tried their jeans before and they look amazing. New jeans will come in October and a report will appear here.


Attention China, Let’s Make Some Jeans – I’ve spoken to a few people about my concept, got some really nice positive feedback, and I’m checking out some manufacturers to work some samples with. This is going to be a costly endeavour, but I am not deterred as I think it could be really cool.


Get Paid Or Dye Trying – This one has really hit the skids, just because I’ve been so busy with everything else. Honestly, I haven’t actively chased down any gainful employment in the denim industry for a while, I will do at some point but I have a few irons in the fire for personal projects which are keeping me super busy if not actually paying me. Build a portfolio of work right?


Denim Monk – Something comes, something goes, simple yeh? So far I have moved on some footwear and I’m expecting more footwear to come in November. With the advent of new denim I will also look to move on some of my existing denim, that could be a tough call.


Upcoming Projects – Too many to mention, I’m working with a few new brands in an advisory capacity, we have a the Phase 2 project coming up for NoKipple, the worlds largest denim contest in the works, this site and hopefully a move into getting a small manufacturing project off the ground at some point. I have no interest in becoming a jeans maker, but I think it would be cool to do a small run of something special.

As always, I’m available through here, email, social media and forums should anyone have a project that they would like to discuss.

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