Denim HQ – Tommy, The Denim Kid

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My son Tommy is a very lucky boy, and not just because his father is such an amazing person (joke). A few weeks ago I was told by my friend Guido that he would be bringing me a pair of his Oyuki Denim jeans for Tommy when he came over to visit London in September, this was great news as I have a firm belief that the children’s denim market is one which has not been fully explored yet, and Oyuki are in a prime position to ride that wave when it finally comes to shore. Shortly afterwards we discovered that the reason why Tommy was hustled into an office by the Iron Heart Japan crew this summer, with them all carrying tape measures, was that they had decided to custom make a pair of their 21oz 634 cut for him, a quite unbelievable gesture from a company who have been close to my family since we were introduced. Indeed Tommy refers to Iron Heart founder Shinichi Haraki as his “granddad in Japan”, and their game of football at this summers Iron Heart party was a joy to watch. Even more amazingly both of these pairs of jeans arrived this week.

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To begin with, I am not going to draw comparison between the jeans, it would not be right to do so. They were gifts for an 8 year old boy and they are both fantastic pairs of jeans. Oyuki specialise in children’s jeans, Iron Heart do not. Iron Heart have years of experience and access to the finest possible materials and jeans makers in the world, Oyuki do not. Oddly for a post on a denim blog about jeans I am not even going to talk about the jeans in any detail or meaningful way, I won’t talk about details, denims, stitching, weight or fit. I will talk at length about Oyuki Denim in an upcoming article and there will be countless upcoming posts from me over forums and social media of my boys life in denim. What I will do is share some simple images of Tommy and his prized jeans, I will tell you that he loves them and that he is very grateful and I will also tell you that he will wear both pairs with the pride of a kid brought up around great denim and the reckless abandon of a boy who loves to play football, climb, skateboard and generally be a kid.

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Thank you Guido and Haraki-San, your denim has found a good home and has made a young lad very happy.

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