DWC – White Trash Denim Tour


For all my time and experiences in the denim scene one facet has almost completely eluded me, the denim tour. For anyone unfamiliar with this concept it is where a particular retailer or manufacturer picks a particular pair of jeans in a popular size and asks for a list of people, usually on a forum, from anywhere in the world who might be interested in wearing the jeans for a month and documenting their time with the jeans pictorially, from the mundane to the amazing. For my part I do like to follow most tours pretty closely, I enjoy the insight into other peoples lives which it offers and oddly I find even the most banal of sights and details interesting, from supermarket trips to visiting great aunt Mary, other peoples lives are a fascinating and ultimately distracting thing and a tour is a great way to check out denim whilst be nosey into how and where fellow denim heads spend their time. At NoKipple we currently have the Trophy Clothing Dirt Dash happening over on Superfuture with a pair of Dirt Denim standard jeans, and we have seen some fantastic updates so far.


Back in the early Autumn of 2012 I took part in my one and only denim tour so far, in a pair of waterproof, paraffin coated white denim jeans by Iron Heart, it was too weird to pass up. The reason for my almost total abstinence from denim tours is that I’m a large unit, not many tours pick a size 36 or 38 to send out, so when this tour was marked up “for big dudes only”, I knew it was the one for me. So it was that in mid August I took ownership of some unexpectedly rather cool white jeans, I say unexpected because I genuinely thought that they would look completely awful, so I was amazed when they actually looked pretty good, good enough for me to wander around my home town and the surrounding countryside without fear of being burned at the stake.


I live in a large town in Nottinghamshire in the East Midlands, near the city of Nottingham and famed as the home to the outlaw Robin Hood (unless Yorkshire are successful in their claim of him). The local industry here has been traditionally based on two areas, coal mining and textiles (seems inevitable I would develop an interest in work wear), but alas much of the industry has now left the region to be replaced by chain restaurants, shopping malls and endless branches of the regions current biggest employer Sports Direct, a discount sporting good retailer of much disrepute. I am not proud of my home town, it’s simply not a nice place with much violent crime and a large drug problem, mainly heroin related, so it was with some trepidation that I set out to introduce the place to my fellow Iron Heart Forum members. I decided early on that I would attempt to look past what the town had become and instead try to capture some of the history which I perhaps missed due to over familiarity, and more than a little contempt, this is what I found…








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