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And now for something completely different.

Last night I was reading the Samurai jeans thread over on the Iron Heart forum and come across some posts by Max Power about his brand new pair of Samurai 710-OG jeans, they looked spectacular and came with a list of features as long as my arm. As I read more and more about the jeans I realised that they were totally different from any jeans in my current rotation, I almost convinced myself there and then to buy a pair but a few things made me hesitate. The first hesitation was caused by my own “Denim Monk” vow on not purchasing, but I did leave caveat to buy jeans for an enterprise due early next year so “could” save them, the second reason for hesitation is where DHQ and its readers come in.


I love Samurai jeans, I donโ€™t currently own any but they are where I started in the quality Japanese denim scene and I have owned more than my fair share (6 pairs I think). I started with the 710 cut so the OG has huge appeal, especially when you add in the organic 16oz cotton denim, plant dyed green selvedge, special edition super thick patch and also specially produced stamped hardware, they are quite a pair of jeans. It would be easy and probably extremely satisfying for me to simply order a pair of the Samurai 710 OG’s, and I still might, but instead I wanted to hear the opinion and recommendations from others for a pair of jeans which will blow my tiny mind.


Denim is something where your education is never complete, I am more than fully aware that my denim knowledge is nowhere near a level where I can confidently proclaim one manufacturer or model to be better than another based on anything other than my own, limited, subjective experiences. I am very aware that there are a number of brands out there whom I have no experience of and who gather huge amounts of kudos from people who I like and respect, and so I want you guys to recommend me some jeans based on your own experiences. I’ll give you my current rotation and a little information about each pair so you can pick something either complimentary or totally different.


Iron Heart Mega Beatle Busters

Weight – 25oz
Cut – Straight, slight taper (oversized slightly)
Style – Traditional 5 pocket jeans

Trophy Clothing Dirt Denim Narrow

Weight – 14.5oz
Cut – Slim straight, very slight taper
Style – traditional 5 pocket jeans

Trophy Clothing Blackie Denim

Weight – 14.5oz
Cut – Loose straight
Style – Traditional 5 pocket black jeans

Shoot guys, should I buy the Sammie’s or is there something else which should have my attention?



14 thoughts on “Denim HQ – Recommend Me Some Denim ?”

  1. There are so many nice jeans on the market! ๐Ÿ˜‰ If you want a simple yes or no on the S710OG, that is easy.
    But if you want hints for other pairs, I would need more input what features you want ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Ok, cool, always happy to get help from someone with your knowledge b_F.

      – Denim with character and texture, not flat.
      – Slimish cut, not slim, with room in the top block.
      – No concerns about any weight.
      – Something different from my current rotation.

  2. I think you may have had a pair in the past Mega, but how about some Sugar Cane Hawaii or Okinawa or even a pair of slack weave denim (SC40601) if you can still find a pair in the right size? These cuts may not be slim enough for what you’re currently seeking but I think they strike all the other notes and are probably significantly cheaper than the Samurais.

  3. Ever try Pure Blue Japan? Sounds like the XX-11 and onward models could be something for you ๐Ÿ™‚

    Momotaro is coming out with a couple of amazing fabric choices in a really nice new tapered cut this season aswell. Def. worth checking out if you wanna get something new instead of Samurai

  4. Further recommendations:
    – Warehouse 660 or 800
    – Flat Head – lots of cuts in 14.5 or 16oz
    – Eternal 811
    – Oni, quite a few options at BiG

  5. Flathead 3009, UES 400T, OOE 02-cut…SugarCane 40601 would be nearly impossible to come by but they offer a lot of nice cuts/denim combination.
    Oni if you want overly textured denim.
    Fullcount 1109 or 1101.
    The good old SDA-103
    Evisu 2000
    Mhh…maybe I got some more ideas later on ๐Ÿ˜€

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