Denim HQ x HWDC – The Unscientific Method I Use To Wash My Jeans Part 1

This is where I reveal my completely unscientific wash regime. This will be about the 10th wash for these jeans and I plan on washing them monthly between now and the end of the contest.

When jeans are new I am quite gentle with them, but after over a year I throw caution to the wind.

First, some pre wash shots.

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So first I remove the 2 things which I have carried constantly with these jeans, my HWDC belt and one of the removed hems from the jeans which I keep in the back pocket.

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Then I turn them inside out.

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The tools of the trade, nothing fancy just regular detergent and fabric conditioner.


Place in washing machine.


Set to high temperature and high spin cycle, watch as denim heads all over the world pass out at the thought of an 800rpm spin.


And await results in part 2.

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