Post written by Amir


Mydenim Fade started out as a friendly fade contest in 2012, just four people showed interest but only two managed to keep updating the evolution until the final date. No sponsor, no hype. Just a friend to friend type of contest and most importantly, this was organized on the basis of fun.


In the next year, with the help from local denim company Cheese Denim Works, Mydenim Fade 13 contest managed to gather 13 contestants with 13 different cut of the jeans to battle for the best fade in 2013. There was not a standard pair of jeans to use, all contestants received custom made jeans!! Yes, the 13 people had to measure by themselves to get the right fit and Cheese Denim Works did the rest. Luckily, after 13 months of battle, nearly most of the contestant made it to the final stage of uploading their fade to the forum’s wall.


This year Mydenim Fade 14 is expanding. Lots of local people have shown their interest to participate and finally we managed to get nearly 30 people who wired their money as a contest fee. Ultra big thanks to all the hardworking fellow denim heads from forum that help to make this thing happen and keep it organized.


Promotion is viral everywhere, especially through the social media, various mobile apps and hashtagging. Sponsorship is coming one by one after the word about the contest spread and we finally managed to have nearly 13 companies to support the contest. Small or big is not a problem, everything was fine enough for our scale. Fade 14 also had its own official artwork designed specifically for the event and right after that, the official contest Tee Shirts were printed and a leather bracelet were also cut. This was huge, at least for our small but growing denim community.


The range of jeans also varied from the famous Japanese brands to the American made and also not forgetting our lovely homegrown denim brands. Since we are going to push the local denim brands to the next level, it was a good sign to see Cheese Denim Works, Ceremony Fine Wear and RoyaleWorks Limited make an exclusive appearance in this contest. A set of standards had been implied to make it fair for everyone, meaning that only 13 oz and above are eligible to participate. Fade 14 got the ball rolling on July 1st, 2014 and it takes 13 months for all the contestants to regularly paste their jeans progress at the forum’s wall. It seems to be a long journey, but it’s worth it to finally see how you have shaped your jeans.


Even though this is a competition, it is not about finding who is better and who is not. It just gets back to the basic idea of friend to friend type of contest. The contest was more about friendship, to know each other and to share the knowledge which is new from one to another. Not to forget, to have fun doing the thing that you love. If there is no fun, then there is no point of doing it.

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