Denim HQ – First World Problems


Every now and again in the quest for denim and work wear perfection we run across things which frustrate and annoy us, not real problems, just things which make our denim lives a little more irritating. The oft used phrase “first world problems” fits these things well, a bunch of folks in very expensive work wear take to the inter web to express their minor indignations, here a few of the common gripes along with a couple of my own.

Inseams not long enough


There seems to be a disproportionate amount of really tall people who love quality denim, I am 6ft 1″ tall and I have felt like a midget at some denim gatherings. A common gripe amongst denim enthusiasts is that they cannot find a pair of jeans to fit them as they would like (presumably with cuffs), even with a 37″ inseam. I know that some of the lesser known Japanese brands don’t make jeans longer than 33″, which could be an issue to some, but 37″!!! I worry about these places where giants wander around un-attended with exposed ankles terrifying the locals.

Crotch blow out after only 6 months


The thing is, if your jeans rub on that centre seam when you walk then you have done well to get 6 months out of them. The crotch is arguably the biggest stress point on a pair of jeans, so getting the right fit is super important if you want to avoid a ventilated groin, thicker denim and poly cotton stitching will help…..but not for long.

Damn these jeans are tough to fade


I know it’s a strange concept, but fading is not the point of jeans, it is a by product of wear, and without wishing to point out the obvious the more that you wear them the more they will fade. It is true to say that some jeans fade far quicker than others, and if sick fades are really important to you then I’d suggest doing your research into quick fading brands, Samurai’s standard models are the quickest which I have tried.

I washed my jeans and now they have this stupid white line on the back


If you are google raw denim ,or selvedge denim, I am convinced that 99.4% (that precise) of the posts will be people asking about, or answering, denim washing questions. It is THE most talked about subject in denim, and everyone thoroughly believes that their “technique” is the best, with some folks going to insane extremes, including not washing at all. The sad fact is that if you treat your expensive tough workwear like regular high street jeans when it comes to washing them you will ruin them. Inside out, little or no detergent, avoid the spin cycle on the first few washes…these are my golden rules.

I can’t get a shirt/ jacket with arms/ width long/wide enough to fit me


Another one for the giants mainly, and a problem I have experience on a few occasions also. Much of the clothing we love is made in Japan or other parts of Asia, where they have to think about their domestic markets first as that is where the majority of their profits are made, and it is a simple fact of life that many folks in Asia are smaller than their Western counterparts, and therefore their clothing also needs to be a little smaller too. This is not common to all brands though, Iron Heart retail internationally on a large scale and definitely accommodate the big boned brother, and there are also many great brands from the US or Europe who cater to the needs of the more heroically built (like me).

My pocket bags lasted like 2 weeks 


My personal top first world problem, I am the destroyer of pocket bags, if pocket bags were Thulsa Doom, I would be Conan The Barbarian. I’m a pocket hoarder, throughout my average day I pick things up and put them in my pockets (not a kleptomaniac), add to this assorted rummerage the already ample contents of a massive bunch of keys, my phone, change and credit card case and they get smashed up pretty quick. So far I have found that Trophy Clothing’s double reinforced pocket bags work best if you’re a super hoarder like me.

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