Denim HQ x NoKipple – Summer Survival Wear


In an earlier piece I voiced my displeasure with Summer, and hot weather generally. I am Northern European, of Celtic descent and as such I am pale and pasty, add to this the small but important detail that I am also bald and ginger and you get the picture of a man who is far more comfortable in snow than heat. As such Summer time is a difficult time for me, I’m not one of those guys who can wear a light jacket in 25 degree heat, in fact I think those guys are probably loons, I am a guy who looks longingly at my coats, boots and heavy denim as the sun beats down. So what should your average denim and work wear enthusiast wear in soaring temperatures? At NoKipple we have a few answers for your summer needs which could make things a little more bearable.



A surprising choice maybe but some denim works well in warmer weather, especially if you are like me and prefer to cover up due to the high chance of sun burn. A good tip for summer denim is not to be blinded by weight, heavier doesn’t necessarily mean warmer, the main factor for a good Summer denim is the tightness of the weave as this will effect how breathable the fabric is, which is essentially what helps to keep you cool. I have baked in 13oz denim but been comfortable in 25oz before. This summer my denim choice will be Trophy Dirt Denim, the loose weave is absolutely perfect for summer days.

Cotton Tee’s




Cotton is a versatile fabric, and a cotton tee is a summer classic which can be dressed up, dressed down and be the background or the core of your summer wear. The Trophy striped 3/4 sleeve tee is a perfect tee for your summer relaxations.


TR14SS401_White_1_6204e338-5ca0-414d-b83f-7cfdd14a316e_1024x1024 white-semi-dress-fabric_0487c338-aafe-4c4d-b010-9a05cb45bb67_1024x1024

A linen shirt or linen trousers are (in my opinion) THE summer essential. There is nothing quite as light and breathable as linen and you will be glad of it once the mercury soars and the days are long. The Trophy linen shirt is an extremely comfortable option on a sweltering day.

Cotton Shirts

Jelado_Shirt_Blue_1_medium TR14SS404_Brown_1_b2fa1edd-a188-4254-a76e-bbf327fa7a98_1024x1024 Trophy_408_blue_1_1024x1024

A good quality light cotton shirt is another summer essential, the breathability of cotton coupled with a button front makes for a versatile and cooling garment. A medium weight cotton shirt is always handy as a jacket alternative for summer evenings, and Trophy combine versatility with a striking design.

Head Gear

TR14SS704_1_1024x1024 TR14SS704_Indigo_1_1024x1024

As a bald man I find a summer hat to be necessary, but even to more hirsute people they can be a requirement to keep the effect of sun stroke at bay. Personally, I don’t care for trucker caps as they are a little too flimsy for my liking, I prefer a full cap made from a breathable material such as the Trophy light denim cap.

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