Denim HQ – Quick Series Updates

I thought that it was high time I posted a couple of updates on some of the ongoing series articles that run through DHQ, didn’t want anyone to think that anything had slipped my mind.

FWA – The Hunt


I have ordered a couple of tees and a pair of shorts (well it is summer) from United Athle and am awaiting their arrival. As soon as they are in my grubby paws I will provide a full review here as to whether the hunt is over, or if it carries on.

Get Paid Or Dye Trying


Another ongoing series linked to United Athle and CAB Clothing, where I have to be honest the company has simply not responded to me on this subject despite inviting emails in English. Slightly disappointing, but on a positive note things are picking up in other areas, most notably NoKipple where we have some great things in process.

I will not be giving up on trying to expand United Athle just yet though, and when products arrive in hand I will get back to harassing them via email, I can be quite persistent.

Denim Monk


If you remember I did make certain provisions in my Denim Monk status to allow for the inclusion of both basics (tees etc…) and a couple of other FWA items, with the process being that nothing is allowed into my wardrobe unless it has a place and will get very regular wear. One of the the things I allowed in is my Alexander Leathers Simmons Bilt jacket in Horween Chromexcel, which means that I cannot wait for summer to be over so I can actually wear it.

2013-09-11 15.00.42

I have decided that the only other purchases I can make are when a regular use item wear beyond its point of usefulness, and is either sold or passed on. Such was the case with my White’s Oxford shoes, so now I have an opening for some oxfords, as I wear them daily as work shoes. I am currently just in the though process on this one, so more to come in the future as an FWA hunt.

2014-03-24 12.48.03

And that is all for the updates, my apologies for the navel gazing nature of this particular post, but this is what happens when a megalomaniac in denim is given blog space.

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