Denim HQ – Albam Slim, A Thoroughly British Pair Of Jeans

A post by Connor


Albam is a small clothing company based in England who try to create simple timeless pieces from high quality fabrics. Their apparel range includes suits, shirting and denim among other items. The company’s main focus appears to be outerwear, offering their take on many classic designs.

Although not specifically a producer of denim they seem to make a good pair of jeans. The jeans I have are no longer produced and has been replaced by their New Slim Jean which is slightly slimmer and has a greater taper.


Other than that the fit the only other change they appear to have made is to the pocket bags and the way the hem has been stitched. The smaller plaid pocket bags have been replaced by a larger plain blue bag. This is a welcome change as the bags on my jeans are very short, barely long enough to accommodate my phone. The front pocket openings are also very narrow, making it difficult to access them. As for the hems, the newer pairs feature a chain stitched hem whereas this pair does not. Personally this is not a big deal even though I do like the roping effect caused by the chain stich.


The fit is similar to a Levi’s 511. Slightly wider in the knee but very similar everywhere else. Sizing is different as I am usually a 32 and these are a 31.

The fabric is a 13oz Vintage Rope Dyed Indigo Japanese denim in a right hand twill with a red selvedge id. A good weight for spring/summer but I will probably wear something slightly heavier in the colder months.


Some of the smaller details are where the jeans shine. Such as silver coloured buttons and rivets (all stamped with Albam England) compared to an aged looking top button with 3 stars and laurel wreath. The leather patch is the smallest I have encountered on jeans, being completely covered when worn with a belt.



The jean’s construction appears to be very sturdy, no seams or stitches coming apart although there are a number of loose threads. The crotch is going to need repaired soon but this is my fault, not the jeans as I regularly cycle in them.


Overall a good pair of jeans made in the UK with subtle branding, perfect if that’s what you’re into.

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