Denim HQ – The Character Of A Denim Head

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I love the phrase Denim Head. I read a comment from a guy complaining about the phrase the other day whilst exclaiming that he preferred to be referred to as a “denim enthusiast”, which is fine we all use different terminology. The comment did set me wondering about the character of your average denim enthusiast (if there is such a thing), do we share common traits which bring us into this scene and keep us here? Is there such a thing as an archetypal jeans freak?

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This is something that I have never been too sure of, however I know others place great stock in it citing a combined set of interests which most of us share. It is true to say that if you observe most forum sub sections of general chat you will see a certain degree of commonality in the subjects being discussed, things such as music, movies, cars, bikes, books, beer and coffee, but honestly I think this is just what people talk about generally anyway isn’t it? I have many none denim obsessed friends with whom I have spent many an evening discussing these very subjects and not once receiving a compliment on my sharp combs, defined whiskers or the slubbiness of my weave….some people have no manners.


If there is a universal quality of indigo junkies it is likely to be found in our purchasing habits. I would be willing to bet that the majority of us are attracted to goods and wares which we would think of as “artisan made” or “heritage” in some way. I would also hazard that the denim buying public have a higher than average appreciation of ethical supply chains and a more keenly defined sense of the level of quality they expect, but even this is perhaps in part a learned knowledge from being in the denim game rather than an existing quirk which brought us to denim.


I believe that the only real quality that you can ascribe to the denim community is the willingness to go a step further in one way or another. Whether that step is simply to pay a little more for our jeans than most people would consider normal, or to engage in a community based around our passion, or something further such as travelling the world to meet up with those with whom we share a common interest it all displays our willingness to take things to the next level. From the people I have met and befriended in this scene I know that they are the kind of folks who are not afraid to go the extra yard to get exactly what they want, and that is the essence of a denim head.

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2 thoughts on “Denim HQ – The Character Of A Denim Head”

  1. I’ve learned that I have to have the patience to wait for the items I really want. I’m not willing to settle on something, and waste money doing so, just for immediate gratification. This patience keeps my wardrobe concise, functional, and durable.

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