Denim HQ – Small Brand? No Promotion? Want To Expand? I’m Here To Help


If I were to be asked my opinion about who makes the best jeans, boots, jackets, shirts, bags or any other item in the market I could happily spend hours reeling off brands, and my opinions on their wares but the chances are that I would probably be wrong. It troubles me that there are, in all likelihood, people and brands out there making items on fantastic quality and innovative design that I have probably never heard of because they are either made in a country where the market chooses not to look, or through lack of finance or proper promotion may struggle to stand out from the crowd. It was this thought which became a core concept to NoKipple, we were to fight the corner of the smaller brand and take their amazing products to the global stage which we have done with varying degrees of success and support. The reality however is that a retailer cannot support or work with as many brands as they would like to for reasons of time, space and most importantly money, you simply cannot afford to carry stock from so many unknown brands without the safety of knowledge that you will sell at least a portion of it. The larger and better known brands do offer a certain amount of security from the point of view that there is empirical evidence of a customer base who will support the brands retailers. So if the brands struggle to get global retail support, cannot stand out from the crowd due to lack of promotion and are perhaps based in countries or areas not commonly associated with high end denim and work wear production how can they succeed? Let’s find out.


This thought found its way back into my head via a comment I read on social media about the struggle against pirated denim ( which I have found myself embroiled in recently), the gist of the comment was that for many consumers the brand was more important than the product, i.e. it was seen as better to wear fake Iron Heart jeans than original jeans by a local brand. This is a thoroughly superficial concept to me but in some cultures the status of the brand is the most important factor for consumers which, to my mind, goes against the entire point of being a denim head where the joy is to be found in the denim, the details, the cut and the wear….none of which can be found in fake jeans. The point of this being that if even fake high end jeans are seen as more prestigious than original jeans designed and crafted by local brands, then what chance do these brands have in becoming successful in their own country, never mind internationally?


Now it might sound crazy but I want to help. I want to let the world know about these hidden treasures from anywhere in the world and promote them through honest feedback and experience. I am a retailer and I know many more retailers, so if you believe that your product is good enough, you have an ethical supply chain and manufacture and you have the infrastructure to meet a demand then I am going to ask you to have some faith in your product and trust me to help you. Here is what I am going to ask you to do….

* Send me a sample of your best product.
* I will review your product honestly (so it had better be good) on DHQ.
* If your product is as good as you think it is then I will help you to promote it through social media and forums.
* If your product is not as good as you think it is then I will offer you constructive ideas to improve for the global market.
* If your product is super great I will talk to retailers on your behalf, send them your sample, and see if I can generate some interest for you.
* If your product is super great and you enjoy collaborative work then I might even be able to retail your stuff myself through NoKipple.


And here is the killer part, I will do this for free, all it will cost you is a sample product to get the ball rolling, I don’t care if it is jeans, shirts, leather goods, boots or whatever else you make. If it is good I will help you, if it isn’t then I will give you my honest opinion for improvement. If you have any questions please get in touch (

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