Denim HQ Announcement – We Are Changing

2014-05-09 09.04.15

You might notice that I used “we” in the title rather than “I”, this is because I should hopefully be being joined here on Denim HQ over the next few weeks by a few other writers. Each has their own unique thoughts and feelings on the denim scene, each has different tastes and levels of experience, and all want to share this with the world at large.

2013-06-29 23.02.58

The loose format and concept we have planned here which will make it different from other denim blogs or news sites is that we want to focus on the experience of the denim head, us, by serialising personal articles on subjects and projects which we feel strongly about (just as I have done so far with the FWA and GPODT series of posts, as well as taking on reviews, visits and tackling the subjects which others leave untouched. The mix of tastes and levels of experience should make for some pretty interesting and amusing reading I think, and above all it will add genuine variety to what we do here.

2013-08-27 15.06.42

As well as this we will be looking to move to a new domain sooner rather than later and generally making things a little more tidy and up to date, in short we’re going to start doing it properly without changing too much about the way we do things. We’re going to be actively looking for sponsors and donations to help us with this process, so if you’re interested in being “down since day 1” with this project then please get in touch.

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