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It was brought to my attention yesterday by one of my Facebook friends that the market for fake Japanese branded denim appears to be growing in certain countries in South East Asia, particularly Malaysia and Thailand. I’ve been aware for a long time that Thailand was synonymous with fake vintage Levis, and I have seen fake Iron Heart and Samurai jeans before, but nothing quite on this scale.


The main route for this fakery I’ve seen is through social media, and one particular Facebook group was identified to me as a prime example, a group called “Samurai Jeans”. Now I have no idea if this group was originally set up for fans of the actual brand, but it does now appear to be dominated by people pushing their blatantly dodgy, sweatshop produced rip offs on people who seem all to eager to want “the look” of real quality Japanese denim, but ultimately failing miserably.


So incensed was I after just a brief look through the recent posts on this groups page that I felt compelled to join, post, and deliver a much needed dose of truth to the manufacturers of this idea theft, and the buyers who really do not deserve to call themselves denim heads. I should point out that I do not hold the country of Malaysia’s denim scene as responsible for this, as I know that there are many honest and passionate denim heads there and some great local brands, which makes this even more puzzling. Here is what I posted.


I can’t help but notice that there are so many posts in this group selling fake jeans by brands such as Samurai and Iron Heart, what the hell is all that about?

I know many of the people responsible for producing the real jeans personally and I know how passionate they are about their product. These are not corporations like Nike or Levis, they are real people investing their own time and money into making great products for REAL denim heads to enjoy.

For the manufacturers and sellers of this crap. If you have the means to make selvedge denim jeans, and you can do it ethically without sweatshop labour, then why not do something original? Make your own brand doing something really cool instead of ripping off other peoples hard work. I have seen Malaysian denim from Cheese and Ceremony and it’s really good, so why not work hard to make Malaysian denim known for its quality and originality? I’ve also seen some Thai denim made for a friend of mine, which was also great.

For the buyers of this rip off wear, what are you doing? This does not make you a denim head it makes you a jerk who is paying to have other peoples ideas stolen. Buy the real thing, if it’s too expensive just save for a while longer or buy denim by real brands that you can afford.

This needs to stop guys, fake goods help nobody other than those selling them. Almost certainly not the guys making them and definitely not the guys buying them.

Megatron1505 (owner and operator of the REAL HWDC, and friend of the REAL Iron Heart denim)

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