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This is not so much an article as a request, I want you to send me things to look at and I also want you to do my job for me, does that sound fair enough? As part of the continued expansion of Denim HQ I want to widen the scope of what we do here, and to do that I would like to take a look at a wider array of items. As readers who have been with the blog for a while now will understand I have no interest in keeping your stuff, it kind of goes against what I’m trying to do with my own wardrobe, but what I would like to do is get some further hands on experience of different items and brands by studying them, looking at how they are designed and put together, taking close look at the materials involved and by giving honest reviews. If you think that you can help me do such things then lets talk, email me using the address


Secondly, as I take on more work in the denim industry the process of writing and posting on a daily or semi daily basis will become more and more difficult and therefore the choice is that the post frequency drops or I ask different people to write their own articles. I personally don’t mind which way it goes, I enjoy having this space to myself but equally I would also enjoy sharing the space with others who are also looking for a platform to get their views out there. Denim HQ gets some good numbers in terms of views and I am beginning to think that it is getting close to the time for the platform to change, for a domain to be purchased and for the scope to widen. Obviously the small print here, and what goes hand in hand with any form of expansion, is that eventually things like images will have to be a bit more carefully selected, meaning that we’re going to have to stop “borrowing” them from elsewhere and either request permission or create our own imagery, I like the second option as it gives us some consistency.


In short this is both a request and an invitation to be a part of something which is ready to grow. I was told by my friend James of Obbigood Label last weekend that I should keep this blog going as too many denim and work wear blogs run out of steam, or the writer becomes bored of doing it. To stop that from happening here I believe that the time has come to ramp this up to the next level, and I would like that level involves more brands, more reviews, more honesty, more opinion pieces and more people writing here. To clarify, if you are interested in working here then you will be able to write exactly what you want when you want to, I am not an editor and you will have sole control of your own articles (as long as they aren’t just offensive) so there is freedom and responsibility here for you.


I think that this is an opportunity, and potentially a good one, to become involved in something with plans to grow and expand. Let me know if you’re interested,


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