Denim HQ – Iron Heart Summer Party 2014 Part 1


It’s been a little quiet around Denim HQ this weekend, but with good reason. This weekend saw me attend the annual Iron Heart summer party, which was called “Fish and Chips” due to the fact that a) It is held in the coastal town of Gosport, home of IHUK, where the traditional English fare of fish and chips is in plentiful supply, and b) Because of it’s close proximity in timing to the Bread and Butter (a traditional accompaniment to fish and chips) show in Berlin.


I have attended every Iron Heart Summer Party since 2011, all of which have been great fun, and I have to say that this one was by far the best. It was originally intended to be a one day event for Saturday the 12th of July, but due to people staying in Gosport from Friday through to Sunday it has actually spread throughout the entire weekend, resulting in a totally unhurried and relaxed vibe where people with a love for denim (particularly Iron Heart) have got together, socialised and drank large amounts of booze.


For me personally I really enjoyed spending a little time with people who I had not seen for a while, but being the close community that we are we picked up friendships right where they had been left twelve months earlier. It was great to meet up with my fellow Iron Heart forum members Richard, Simon(s), Graeme, Jens and Peter, my old friends from Obbigood label in Singapore, have my yearly meeting with Ruedi from the Jeans Museum,  catch up with the Iron Heart Japan crew and of course spend time with our incredible hosts the Padmore family of IHUK, who seem to excel at this kind of gathering, outdoing themselves in each consecutive year.


Equally great was opportunity to make new friends in the form of  Sascha and Tobias from Vahter und Sohn, Torsten from Kersting and Henschel,  Arlo and his lovely wife from V Shop in Ghent, Chris from Wesco boots, Nick Clements editor of Mens File, and Steffan, known as Trail and Arrow on the Iron Heart forum who was probably one of the most fun and loony people I have ever met.


I’ll leave you with a few pictures today but I’ll be posting more pictures and insights from the weekend throughout the week, hope you enjoy the beginning.





DSC_0714 DSC_0715

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