Denim HQ – 5 Proud Moments

2012-11-19 06.31.11

As a guy who does not own a company, does not work for a magazine, has never personally sewn anything other than a busted crotch on my old Samurai and is just about average at taking photographs it is astounding to me that I have managed to do as much as I have in this industry on a budget of next to nothing. For today’s post I’m going to blow my own trumpet (no-one else will do it for me), and talk about my 5 proudest moments, not in the sense of the birth of my son or walking down the aisle with my wife, but as usual I am referring to them being about denim.

1) The Heavyweight Denim Contest


I had not been posting on Superfuture very long when I sent the moderator of Superdenim (Beatle) a message about an idea I had for a contest, this would be come the original HWDC. The idea was born purely from my love for the Samurai jeans which clothed my bottom half, at the time I firmly believed them to be the most fantastic item of clothing which I had ever worn and they still hold a special place for me now. The HWDC ranks as a very proud moment as it had so much interest, at the time I hoped that I could get 10 people to compete and maybe get Obbigood Label to make a belt for us, well OGL came through and so did just over 60 contestants.

2) Tommy’s Jeans

2013-05-31 16.08.39-2

Iron Heart are one of the biggest companies in the quality denim market, so when they agreed to my 5 year old sons request to supply him with a pair of jeans just like his dads I felt extremely proud on my boys behalf. I felt even more proud when Tommy out grew the jeans and Iron Heart lengthened them for him, and again even more proud when they made him yet another pair as he grew further.

3) HWDC2


Do it again they said, it will be fun they said. Well, I did and over 300 contestants later, several proprietary pieces of merchandise, launch events and many headaches and late nights we ended up with the HWDC2. It’s strange because it’s probably my largest personal achievement in this field but is also simultaneously my biggest regret. Next time things will be different.

4) The Mega Beatle Busters


To have a hand in commissioning a competition specific product, made by one of my favourite brands for a contest which was my idea was a very special moment for me, and then to have my internet “handle” inserted into the product name was just great. The 25oz Iron Heart Mega Beatle Busters are one hell of a pair of jeans, and I should know as I have worn mine most days for the last 16 months.

5) Forming NoKipple


NoKipple was formed through conversations I had with my friend Jon, he was bored, I was bored, we wanted to add more diversity to the market and work to promote smaller and under recognised brands, so we did. The whole experience of identifying brands to work with, visiting them on their own turf and developing a working relationship, to writing copy, building a website and marketing through social media and magazines has been amazing. I think that I can honestly say that NoKipple has been my steepest learning curve, at times it has been tough and stressful but at other times it has been immensely satisfying. I still get no greater pleasure than when a customer drops us an email or I see a picture on a forum of a person enjoying their purchase.

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