Denim HQ – Get Paid Or Dye Trying Part 4


My approach has changed ! After conversations with people who I know and respect (Giles of Iron Heart and Jon of NoKipple) a couple of things have become apparent, which are…

1) To achieve the dream I am going to need more experience.
2) To show this experience I am going to need to be able to point to a body of work, a portfolio if you like.

This set my thinking about what I have done so far in the denim and work wear scene, what have I achieved and how have I achieved it? If I were to get the dream email today and a prospective employer were to ask me “what have you done in this industry to date?” How would I answer?


The two obvious areas where I would focus are the Heavyweight Denim Championships and NoKipple, but what skills have I used or developed whist working on these projects? The bulk of work on the HWDC is collating information, dealing with enquiries and questions, talking to people about merchandise and failing in my attempts to get a website built (long story). Along with events management, promoting and distributing merchandise and the upkeep of the contest over multiple forums. It is a fair amount of work.


Through NoKipple I have been either responsible for, or involved with selecting brands and products, meeting suppliers, writing copy, administering the web store, managing social media accounts and forum space, writing blog pieces for the NK blog and both taking and modelling in much of the imagery we use. NoKipple has been a steep learning curve for both Jon and I, much work, much stress but also many rewarding experiences and great moments to look back on, many of my roles and jobs with NoKipple are continuous and will evolve as time goes by, some of what we have planned for the quite near future will involve learning and developing a whole new set of skills, but more about that when we are ready.


For the next stage of my development, and to gain more insight into different areas of the industry, I have been fortunate enough to be offered some work experience by Iron Heart as part of their forum moderation team to learn more about that environment from an administration side and to hopefully inject some fun and mirth to proceedings. So currently I am working for the HWDC, NoKipple and Iron Heart as well as holding down a regular full time job, raising a son, being a husband, trying to find a little time for a social life and all whilst looking for even more work. I guess I can’t be accused of being lazy ha ha.


Added to all that I am starting to plan what happens after the HWDC2, I have already decided that there will not be another HWDC and I have the nucleus of an idea about what should follow, and what the next logical step should be. If it all comes to fruition it promises to be something quite special and revolutionary and yes it will be another mountain of work to occupy my busy brain.

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