FWA The Hunt – Leather Jacket Part 3


After spending the last week or so looking at all the options available in terms of leathers, style cuts and fastenings I decided that my absolute favourite leather jacket out there was one that I would never be able to afford in a month of Sundays. I won’t mention which jacket it is as that would be pointless, but what I set about doing was to find a jacket which offers a similar aesthetic and quality for a little less pocket change, and I think I have succeeded.


The style of jacket I wanted was one which is vintage in appearance but not dated, has buttons rather than zippers, offers mobility and comfort and sits at waist length. The leather has to be substantial but pliable, the construction needs to be top notch and the whole supply chain has to be ethical. After speaking to some friends and peers who know far more about leather jackets than I do, the choice of company and jacket came back as unanimous. The FWA jacket of choice will be the Alexander Leathers Simmons jacket in Horween Steer Hide.


The price of the Simmons jacket is far from unreasonable at £500, unfortunately it is more than I have available to me at the moment what with damn pesky family holiday, children requiring entertainment and a wife who positively demands that we buy food to fill our cupboards, bah! So the next issue facing the hunt is how to raise the funds to secure this next FWA item. Ordinarily I would simply identify items in my wardrobe which did not see much use, sell them and use the money to buy the item which will see use. Unfortunately after two years of doing exactly this has left me with exactly what I wanted, a functional, minimal wardrobe with no more room for cuts. So what are the options….


I go on a family holiday to Barcelona in 5 weeks time, so between now and then all my spare funds will be diverted to that so that my son can recklessly squander hideous amounts of money on the merchandising of Barcelona football club, and in particular his favourite player Lionel Messi, so I could throw myself into doing extra hours at work after this which would mean that I could afford the jacket at the end of October. I could take a decision that this FWA is more necessary than another I already own (or some others) and sacrifice them from my possession to fund the purchase or I could simply accept that for the foreseeable future it is out of my reach. I am selling some things on eBay currently but nothing which will bring me within touching distance of picking up the jacket. Honestly it is looking like the conclusion of this first FWA hunt will have to be postponed for a while in order for funds to be raised.


Nevertheless the choice has been made and once I figure out how to acquire it I will give it the usual FWA gonzo review treatment right here. Now to consider the next FWA, and this time a much cheaper one.

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