Denim HQ – Get Paid Or Dye Trying – Part 3


The quest to find myself paid employment in the Denim and Work Wear industry raises more questions to me than answers. The area of work which appeals the most to me promoting new business for brands trying to break into new markets, which means that what I must now do is attempt to find these brands and convince them that I am the man to help the to progress. For the next phase of the “Get Paid Or Dye Trying” project I will be researching companies, brands and material producers who may be in position to look to wider markets, contacting them and making the following offer.


In order to prove myself worthy of working in this industry, to put into practice what I have learned and to use my existing knowledge and contacts to their full potential I would like to offer my services to any brand out there on a purely performance related pay basis. In other words I will actively work to expand your business, build your brand, and improve your profile in your chosen market or markets for no money until you are satisfied with my efforts and have seen benefit to your brand. All that I ask is that the company covers any agreed expenses incurred. I will put this offer into a covering letter/ email, identify some brands and companies, make contact with them and cross my fingers that someone out there will feel that their business is in a position to be built upon or diversified and recognises that I would add value to that.


Speaking of adding value and the questions which arise from this endeavour, I have absolutely no idea what these kind of services usually cost. I am extremely confident in my ability to deliver a measurable and feasible result but I am unsure what to charge for it, being honest I am not a greedy person and my needs are few so if anything I think that to build a sustainable business and client base that my rates will probably undersell what I offer to potential patrons. I will give this issue more thought over the coming week.


Another point which occurred to me in this last few days is that I could, and arguably should, work for myself. The HWDC has generated plenty of profit for investors and sponsors in the past, and absolutely nothing for me the inventor, which realistically tells me that I need to take ownership of the concept if and when I decide to progress it further after the current contest. The other option being that I simply sell the contest as it is for a brand or retailer to run as their own based on my existing model and formula, with the rights to use the current names, logos and accounts. I favour retaining ownership myself for the moment, the original HWDC concept was simply for all lovers of denim to be able to join in creating some incredible, multi brand, worn in denim and that must never change. I fear that selling it on would run the risk of ruining what makes it the biggest competition in denim, but on the other hand it might also give it the investment to realise its potential which I can’t. Much to think about.




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