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I think that it is pretty much the general consensus in the denim scene that we all look to guys like Steve McQueen and Marlon Brando as kind of our aesthetic icons in a celebrity sense. In the movie “The Wild One” Brando had an image which has side become synonymous with the 1950’s anti fit, big cuffed style that so many love so much today (me included). McQueen took Greaser Chic to whole new levels without even trying, which carrying equal amounts of gravitas in blue jeans and a white tee as he did in a sharply cut suit. We know this, we see this, we acknowledge this, but what about more personal influences? Do you have an uncle who has totally badass faded work jeans? Is there a particular celebrity who always wears the greatest fitting jeans? Or is there anyone else who style, fades or choices have influenced your own?


 Speaking personally, my influences like most peoples were cultural in my younger years, I wore old style skater baggy jeans through the early 90’s by UK brand Joe Bloggs, and after that I wore the loose, straight black Levis favoured by hip hop performers of the time. As time moved on and I got older my tastes and influences became more classic, and the discovery for me of the raw denim and work wear scene opened my up to a whole new sphere of influence, internet forums.


Thanks to my involvement with the HWDC I have had a birds eye view for over three years on some of the most magnificent denim in the entire scene, and my peers in this scene have had the largest considerable sway on my choices through my prolonged exposure to their styles. This latest piece of gonzo is for me to give a swift shout out to a few of those whose approach to work wear I appreciate.

Eddie Lim


Eddie is the real deal, he talks the talk and walks the walk. The chopper riding, denim slinging, silver tongued man from Manilla has been a stalwart of the denim scene for as long as I can remember. The vastness of his collection of denim is boundless, his custom resoled boots from Whites, Viberg and Wesco are some of the best you will see, and for a (and I’m sure Eddie won’t mind me saying this), larger dude, Eddie always looks effortlessly on point because he is a man who knows his own style.

Follow Eddie on Instagram @edieeelim



My old HWDC compatriot was one of the first connections I made in the denim scene, at which time she was already a well established and respected contributor. Beatle was the one introduced me to Iron Heart as people and as a brand by inviting me along to the 2011 summer party. Whatever she wears Beatle has an effortless style that is impossible to imitate as it is uniquely Beatle, her eye for detail is amongst the best around and she now shares this talent through her own brand, ByBeatle.

Follow Beatle on Instagram @ByBeatle

Giles Padmore


Giles just wears clothes, he doesn’t spend much time waxing lyrical (especially for someone who heads international operations for a major denim label), he just puts on clothes and wears them, and therein lies his secret. As a man who has endless access to one of the largest collections in quality denim it would be easy for Giles to fly off the rails and wear a different pair of jeans every day, which is why I respect that Giles doesn’t do that. Once Giles selects a model of Iron Heart denim to wear it becomes a regular choice for him and he makes it his business to wear it hard, which is why the man known simply as “G” rocks some of the coolest vintage fades around.

Follow Giles on Instagram @IronHeartDenim

Farhad Samari


Farhad one of the greatest masters of imagery in the whole denim scene, his client list includes Filson, The Flat Head, Red Wing, Self Edge, Rising Sun and Rogue Territory and the chances are that you will have seen his work in publications such as GQ, Mens File and Inventory Magazine. Add to this that Farhad also wears some of the coolest voltage fades around and you’ll see why this is a guy to take notice of, not to mention that most importantly he is a really nice guy.

Follow Farhad on Instagram @FARHADSAMARI




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