Denim HQ x NoKipple – What’s The Word On The Street?

Advertising is a dirty word; its modern implication implies subterfuge and agenda to covey a corporate message as we live in a time when it is common knowledge that Coca Cola changed the colour of Santa Claus and we are sold dream lifestyles by air brushed celebrities on cabbage water diets to maintain the body beautiful. It has not always been this way however and strangely advertising appears to be making a return to its original concept and principles by the newest of inventions, Social Media.


Never before have new brands and retailers had such easy access to such a large audience for so little costs, platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram allow the conveyance of complex ideals and concepts in a very easy visual form to an almost captive market, such is the level of infiltration which social media has in modern society.


We at NoKipple are no different; we have had our Facebook page in operation since March of this year providing updates on our product selections, supplier visits and design collaborations. We have been sharing images of products, details and supplier insights via Instagram for a little over three months now, and we have seen from the response that people seem to genuinely like our direction and choices thus far. It has allowed us to interact with our potential customer base prior to launch on a level previously unavailable to brands and retailers and given us a real measure of what people do and do not like.


In a way I believe that this way of advertising and sharing is a more pure form than the glitz of images seen in glossy magazines, it is a no frills, honest approach in the way of what you see really is what you get, and you can interact with the retailer to feedback your thoughts and feelings in a very meaningful way. Don’t get me wrong, I love the magazines, and I will always be a sucker for well presented imagery, but this is something very different and very real.


The market for quality denim, work wear and accessories is characterised by having educated consumers, we all take a geek level interest in the things which enthuse us and force us to part with our hard earned cash, and because our consumer is so educated they can detect a fraud. In very few other markets will you find such a passion for both authenticity and innovation, conflicting as they are, whilst completely rejecting that or those which do not share this imperceptible feeling.


As a new retailer we have had to think extremely carefully about the message we send out, as we are not 100% sure on who will be receiving it and how they will interpret it. We chose to explore social media platforms first because they offer exactly what I have spoken of already, a large audience at zero cost. We will also go directly to our consumer base through the most popular and trusted forums whilst we look to establish our own means of total interaction between us the retailer, you the consumer and also the people behind the brands, but more on that much later.


In the future we will explore other avenues and methods of advertising, we are working with a couple of extremely talented photographers who could give us images of magazine quality for glitzy adverts, but for now we are happy to be interacting with our customers on a very personal level. This is how we establish rapport, this is how we learn what people want and expect from us, and this is how we are able to go directly to the people who will be interested in what we are doing. After all, as a wise man once said and an even wiser man quoted “If you want to hunt elephants, then you must go where the elephants are”.

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