Denim HQ – Get Paid Or Dye Trying – Part 1


Contrary to the belief of some people whom I encountered when organising the HWDC2 I am not a denim billionaire, I do not live in an indigo dipped mansion and spend my evening cavorting in hot tubs with 23oz denim bikini covered super models, I am a normal man with a very normal job and, like the majority of mankind, I am bored with it.


My involvement in the world of high quality denim from a task perspective has been many and varied, I created, manage and own the worlds largest denim competition, the HWDC, I have spent many a long night into the early hours compiling spreadsheets, talking to developers and answering questions from contestants based all over the world. I have invested my own money to no fruition, I have helped to design merchandise and I have dragged my family around for publicity events. The HWDC makes no money.


I am the Brand Manager of UK based retailer NoKipple. My work here has seen me educate myself about social media marketing, constructing a cohesive brand image, writing copy, effectively promoting and building unknown brands in unfamiliar markets, negotiating and meeting with suppliers to discuss costs, time scales, import, quality and supply chain in both Indonesia and Japan and even working as a model. The learning curve has been steep on all counts but successful nevertheless, NoKipple is a new retailer and the level of investment required to set it up (not by me) was not insignificant. Currently I do not earn any money from this venture.


I’m guessing by now that you might see a pattern forming here, I’m working but not actually being paid, and like most people I really quite like being paid for what I do. It is therefore with some trepidation that I am setting myself a bit of a challenge, I will set myself a deadline of New Years Day 2015 to find myself gainful employment, paid employment in the industry of denim or workwear. I have experience in retail, negotiations, social media management, brand management, manufacturing, leading teams, meeting deadlines, writing copy, gonzo journalism and working with some of the worlds finest brands and retailers. I am active, articulate, well travelled, culturally aware, I have a base knowledge of Japanese and German and I already have a certain amount of profile, surely anyone would want to employ me right? Lets find out.


For the entertainment and continued interest of the readership of this very blog I will record my efforts to find gainful employment here, and if I fail to achieve my goal then I will go back to simply being a dude who wears jeans. First though, I have to try, I have to go for the dream and see just what is attainable, time to have a think about what it is exactly that I would like to do and where I think I could excel. Set a goal and go for it…..hang in there dear readers, this might be a long road.

Stop your grinnin’ and drop your linen people, Megatron is for hire!!



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