Denim HQ – Tommytron, The Denim Boy


Being my son didn’t really give poor Tommy much of a chance when it came to a love of denim. From being a baby I dragged my wife around GAP stores trying to find some of their Baby GAP Selvedge range, and buying a couple of pairs when we were lucky enough to find some. So when my family and I attended the Iron Heart Summer Party in 2011, and Tommy cheekily asked Shinichi Haraki, founder and owner of Iron Heart, if he could make him some jeans just like his dads so (at 5 years old) began young Tommys journey into quality denim.



Haraki-San was as good as his word, and though he didn’t make Tommy a pair of jeans he did have some “mini” jeans that he had made up for advertising purposes, which fit Tommy perfectly when he received them in November of 2011. In less than a year Tommy had predictably done 2 things to his exclusive jeans, firstly he had trashed them and secondly he had out grown them, but Haraki had other ideas and thanks to Giles the jeans were taken back to The Works in Hachioji to lengthening surgery.


As you can see Haraki’s thoughts on lengthening the jeans were far more complex than simply adding a false cuff (which is what Giles and I thought was happening), what Haraki did was completely deconstruct the jeans and add in extra lengths of 21oz denim so that Tommys original fade pattern remained where it should be, an unbelievable level of detail.






Unfortunately it didn’t take Tommy too long to out grow them for a second time, and do even more damage to them, lengthening and repair were not really an option this time around so instead I summoned the courage to ask Giles is Haraki would be open to actually patterning a completely new pair of jeans for Tommy, we were delighted when he agreed, and together Tom(oko) of Iron Heart Japan they set to work creating an entirely new pair of jeans for Tommy. The one and only pair of “Mini Mega Beatle Busters”.


The only down side was that I was asked for measurements for these jeans, and being ever cautious about the rate at which my boy grew I added an extra couple of inches to measurements. The up side of this being that he will still be able to wear them when he’s 10 or 11. Here are a couple of comparison shots of the old and new jeans.


My family and I are extremely grateful to the entire Iron Heart crew, and in particular the man who Tommy thinks of as his “Uncle from Japan”, Haraki San. I’ll leave this piece with a few shots of Tommy getting acquainted with his last pair of Iron Heart…


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