Denim HQ x HWDC2 – A Mega Heavy Year (And A Half)


In December 2012 I took delivery of a very special pair of jeans, a pair of jeans which will occupy a unique place in my denim history for the remainder of my life, the prototype of the Iron Heart Mega Beatle Buster 25oz jean for the second round of the HWDC. The jeans are special to me for a variety of reasons, firstly because they bear my internet handle as part of their working title, secondly because I was involved in their conceptualisation and lastly because they represented a milestone in denim contests as the first time a major denim brand had designed and made a competition specific pair of jeans.


The Beatle Buster jeans were designed by my friend and former HWDC collaborator Beatle, they are a slightly tapered straight cut, slimmer than the signature 634 cut but not as slim as the 666 Devils cut with quirky features such as a hidden knife pocket. The Buster (as it is commonly known) has been made in just about every Iron Heart denim available, but the MBB (Mega Beatle Buster) was the first time that it had been made this heavy, and I got the very first pair.


I have to say that when I first got them I didn’t like them, they looked loose and sloppy and didn’t feel great to wear either, I had heard that the 25oz denim took some beating but they were just uncomfortable, I was seriously concerned about spending over 2 years with them as my primary denim but I persevered, had them hemmed at Iron Heart and slowly but surely we started to get along much better. With wear and water the denim gave up its rough texture and became incredibly soft, the first indigo left the denim easily enough too and most people wearing them for the contest knew then that we had some great competition jeans on our hands.


The really odd thing I found about the 25oz denim was that after a few months, a wash and a couple of soaks it stopped feeling like denim altogether, it now feels more like wearing a comfortable old pair of sweatpants, the 14oz Trophy jeans that I rotate with them feel far more like jeans than the MBB’s. They are now extremely comfortable, far more breathable and I think that they do a fantastic job of taking on the wear pattern of the owner as we have seen a huge variety of results in the contest so far from sharp contrast to vintage and everywhere in between. So much so that the end of the contest is sure to produce some stunning results.


I’m quite pleased with how my MBB’s currently look, and for the remaining 10 months of competition I intend to take a hard wash approach where I will give the jeans a long and hot wash and spin at the end of every month until the contest ends, I think that this denim needs to be cleaned thoroughly due to its sheer heft or you may find that it wears and break prematurely. In conclusion the 25oz denim is fantastic, by far my favourite Iron Heart denim and I have tried almost all of them, having said that I know that by the end of the contest I will probably crave something a little lighter……but not for long.


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