Denim HQ x NoKipple – Perceiving The Imperceptible


Our senses are our gateway to joy, to see amazing sights, hear beautiful sounds and taste foods and drinks which provide great joy is the very essence of being human, but touch is the sense which brings us closest to our ethereal existence. To have tactile contact with our environment is what makes it real, to feel the weight and texture of everyday objects is what gives us the familiarity and confidence to carry out our everyday lives and on occasion we touch something which excites this sense on a level which most things are not capable of. To describe the feeling of touch, the emotive response and the accurate conveyance of just how wonderful a thing feels in your hands is quite a challenge, a challenge that I did not realise even existed until I wanted to effectively communicate just how incredible the fabrics are on the Jelado and Trophy clothing which we retail.


Sometimes when looking for a new shirt or jeans there can be an element of “not being able to see the wood for the trees”, meaning that everything takes on a similar look, the details become ubiquitus, the price, the description, everything fades into one and in that instance choice ceases to matter, in that instance there is a tendency to retreat to the familiar rather than broaden horizons. I know this because I have done it, I know this because I have spent many an evening idly checking various websites of brands and retailers waiting for something to leap out and grab my attention and when it doesn’t I have gone back to what I know and taken the familiar choice. The point being that the more time you spend looking at pictures and reading descriptions, the less remarkable everything seems, this is where it is our job as retailers to engage you, to help the customer to understand the very real reason why taking the decision to make a leap of faith and try something new will reward them with an experience that is remarkable, that does stand out from the crowd and that will draw you back in.


As alluded to earlier in this piece, the area where we sometimes struggle to effectively convey the necessary level of detail is tactile, this is the curse of being an online only retailer, who stocks brands unfamiliar to the Western market. We chose our brands for precisely the reason which we now find the challenge in effectively interpreting, their difference from everything else out there. We can explain about stitch details, hardware, cuts, collar and cuff details and how a thing is made without much difficulty, these details are there for all to see, but what about arguably the most important detail? What about the palpable, tactile, realisation? The very essence of a thing, the way it feels?


This is something which has been a minor concern to us since NoKipple first began, something which we didn’t even realise existed until we had to describe something for others to buy. At first we hoped the details of an item would be enough to cover us from having to describe the seemingly indescribable, we simply couldn’t find the words to do thing justice. When you hold a shirt which is incredibly soft but also substantial then almost every descriptive term which could be correct could also be extension be incorrect when held by another, touch is a sense of degrees and is perhaps the most subjective of the senses.


The choice we are left with in describing some of the most incredible fabrics which it has ever been our pleasure to handle is to either stick with safe terms and risk becoming one of the crowd, or allow our subjectivity to shine through in the description, we prefer option B. With subjectivity comes passion and love, and whilst you may not fully agree with what our sense of touch tells us you will no doubt appreciate the fact that the fabric is so magnificent that it has elicited a verbose and personal description.


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