Denim HQ – Moans, Gripes, Irritations and Complaints


So far everything on here has been on a positive note, but life is not always roses and we don’t always love everything do we? Some things are annoying, sometimes (mostly) irrationally, there are things which enrage us and things which dismay us and to keep those voices inside is unhealthy, so I’m going to talk about some things which grind my gears. You probably won’t agree with much of what follows, so to re-iterate these are personal gripes, just my little annoyances…


1) Poseurs – The guys who always look they’re dressed in the costume a biker/ rail road worker/ insert manly profession when in fact they are accountants. They are always wearing something brand new and always extolling the virtues of their latest purchase which you just know will be packed up in their wardrobe before the month is out. These guys have a problem with addiction, I don’t have a problem with their consumptive personality as such, just their public displays of denial. Just to be absolutely clear on this I have done this myself, and I didn’t like myself very much when I did. I call this the “seen my” phenomenon as the guys doing it seem more concerned with public displays of excess than actually enjoying their gear.


2) The renaissance man – These are the guys who you encounter not just in denim and work wear, but on forums and at events all over the world. These are the guys who no matter what you have done, or where you have been they have done more and better. The guys who will consistently offer un-asked for advice, the guys who will tell anyone who cares to listen/ read how great their taste is in everything from coffee to Asian fusion cuisine. Basically assholes.


3) Uniform wearers – The guys who do it by the numbers, they will only wear Brand X boots, Brand A jeans, Brand B shirts etc…. This is fine and it’s a matter of personal choice, but when it happens that these guys go at great lengths to explain to me why the Brand X variant is far better than my Brand Y variant it starts to piss me off. I believe that people should spread their wings a little, but if they don’t want to then that’s ok so long as they also don’t want to tell me how super frikkin’ awesome their 7th pair of Brand X boots is and why I should definitely ditch Brand Y in favour of them. If I want to I will, if not….


4) All mouth, no trousers – The guys who hate on what a particular brand is making or selling without actually having any inclination of getting off their arse and making clothing themselves and without any actual knowledge of customer base or respect for the owner/ design team vision of the brand. I can only assume that these folks mothers never told them that if they didn’t have anything nice to say then maybe they shouldn’t say anything at all, yeh I’m aware of the ironic undertones here.


5) Collectors – A real controversial one here as I know plenty of these guys, some of whom will probably read this, and they are super nice guys. Having said that, I am sorry but I will never understand the need to collect jeans, boots or work wear and I believe that you are defeating the purpose of what it is meant for by hoarding things which are not meant to be hoarded, you are battling against the animistic nature of the things you claim to love. I come from the school of loving it so much that I want to wear the shit out of it, these guys love it so much that they want to hang it up or put it in a box somewhere never to see the light of day, that’s a bit weird (imo, lol, etc….).


6) Individualists – Counter intuitive to my distain for uniform wearers are their antithesis, a social group who music fans will recognise instantly, the guys who say things like “I liked them before they were cool”. I have noted a few people out there who will actively big up their love of a particular item or brand right up to the point where the thing gets a modicum of popularity, at which point they will ditch that brand like a spurned lover and move onto the next great unknown. False platitudes abound and their crash and burn nature definitely has a shelf life of about the same duration as their love for BapexKaws hoodies in 2006.

Ok, with all that said I now feel much lighter. Back to the happy, happy joy, joy, fun times.


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