FWA Number 18 – The Trophy Wool Watch Cap


The last of the current crop of First World Artefacts before I begin my hunt to complete the FWA list is another entry from my old friends at Trophy Clothing. Trophy feature pretty consistently both in my wardrobe and on the FWA list as their aesthetic is extremely appealing to me, I love how they give classic designs a nod whilst making an item that is distinctly original also, I’m a huge fan of their vintage biker vibe and it’s a huge plus for me that their denim is mind blowing and the Reservoir Hood is my favourite piece of clothing ever. When it comes to Trophy you would be correct in thinking that I am a fan.


Something which Trophy have in common with another of my favourite brands, Iron Heart, is that they construct their clothing from the point of view of a motorcycle rider. This works great for me even as a none rider as I’m a pretty tall dude with long arms, so the extra sleeve length for adopting the riding position on a motorbike works well for me in regular wear. It is not just sleeve length that is made with the rider in mind though, the Trialmaster jacket from the SS collection has clear nods to riders, as do the slash pockets of the signature Dirt Denim and also the finer details of their woollen watch cap.


What is important when it comes to a winter hat? Well the obvious is that it keeps your head warm and hopefully your ears too. For me it can be a tough proposition to buy a new winter hat as I have a generously proportioned head, so to the try the Trophy Watch Cap and find a perfect fit was a huge bonus but it was a bonus which lead me to wonder how it might fit a person with a more regular sized noggin. What I found by comparing it to other hats of similar design, but much lower quality, that I own was that the Trophy hat was made a good couple of inches longer to ensure full ear coverage, a handy feature if you’re whistling around country lanes on your bike minus a helmet (unlike the UK some countries do not require the rider to wear a helmet).


The hat itself is a cable knit made from 100% Japanese wool, making it soft, warm and itch free, you can trust me on that as I am a bald man so itching is prime consideration for this kind if item. It is a quality item which is branded with one external label, this can easily be removed with a simple and cheap seam ripper or left in situ as I have left mine. All in all if you want a wool watch cap as your winter hat they don’t come much better than this one, a heartily recommended FWA.


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