FWA Number 17 – The Tush Leather Card Case


There is an innate appeal to brands made by one person, and bearing the name of that person, it adds a definitive layer of provenance. Add to that the person is a Yokohama based, rock music loving, biker who does his work in a purpose built wooden workshop which is positively bursting with vintage Americana of all descriptions and you have some idea of the kind of person we are dealing with. Tush Kawakami.


Tush is that rarity of things a true one man enterprise. From selecting the finest Japanese and American hides to the final packaging it is all done by hand, and by Tush. He designs patterns, selects materials and stitch, cuts hide and constructs using a vast variety stitch styles and techniques to create leather goods which are stunning, solid, robust, of superior quality and are distinctly “Tush style”. His items are not cheap, far from it, but then again the very best rarely are.


For a long time I was a proponent of the mid-wallet, it seemed less obtrusive that the long wallet favoured by bikers and yet more practical than the short wallet with its increased storage, plus it had the ideal for most jeans back pockets, the ideal compromise. Life moves on and I found myself minimising the contents of my wallet, on an almost sub-conscious level, it started to feel empty and superfluous as I whittled down receipts, business cards, discount cards and was left only with my essential bank cards and a few business cards for occasions. I carry coins and keys in my pockets and notes can be folded and kept in any sort of wallet, time for a downsize I thought, time to reclaim some pocket space and stop sitting three inches higher on my left ass cheek.


The downsize I went for did not come easily to me, it was just too damned small I thought, but nevertheless I decamped the contents of my trusty old mid sized wallet and re-assembled it all directly into the Tush Leathers card case, and whatd’yknow, it fit. In very real terms I only need to carry around my bank cards and a few business cards on a daily basis, everything else is simply fluff, so that is now what I carry and because I don’t have the extra storage room I cannot use it.


Looking at the card case itself it is easy to see the quality. The leather is thick, supple and flawlessly finished, the stitching in done with a mix of tendon and poly cotton for strength and durability and is spaced with regimental precision. It’s a tough thing to convey the emotive response that an item gives you but when it comes to this (and all other Tush items), I can sum it up in one word. Satisfaction. Tush products are expensive, I cannot hide that, but they do deliver, you do not feel over charged, your investment and confidence is justified and for this reason ,and allowing me to sit straight at work, the Tush Leathers card case is most definitely a First World Artefact.


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