FWA Number 16 – The Ideal Cap Company Linen Short Billed Tennis Cap


Two things make me really, really love this cap. Firstly I have a massive bald head, and having a hat that looks good on this massive bald head is absolutely essential for summer time otherwise I burn, and secondly because this particular hat was suggested to me by a bona fide rock star who also happens to be a really nice dude.


The Ideal Cap Company were founded in New Jersey in 1949, local sports teams such as the Newark Eagles bought their caps there and the company has steadily gained a reputation for well made, natural fibre fabric caps of many shapes and with custom sizing. ICC has their caps made from American fabrics in small factories around the country, they describe a cap as a “soft fabric head covering, with a visor”, this no nonsense and economical description is typical of their approach to products. No fuss quality at very reasonable prices.


Up to owning this hat my previous favourite had been a cotton, military style watch cap made by New York skate label Supreme, until I left it behind on a bus that is. Like my old Supreme cap the ICC cap has that most illusive of features, a short bill, I like this as I think that it differentiates the look of the entire hat. It is made from a good quality, American produced, course linen, features a leather sweat band around the inner circumference and is a six panel construction. This is certainly a hat for those value a minimal aesthetic on their dome, there are no logo’s, no branding, no external labels and mono coloured stitching, the only feature which varies is the green silk inner of the peak.


This cap cost me $44, which I think is entirely reasonable for a cap of this quality. The ICC website has a HUGE variety of caps and fabrics for custom order and the highest compliment that I can pay them is that I don’t plan on going elsewhere for my head gear any time soon, and I’m pretty sure that ICC will be around for a long time to come too.

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