Denim HQ – Pockets Of a Denimhead (EDC)


There is a definite bond between people who are into denim and work wear, and the kinds of things that we all seem to carry each day. I find that people in this scene tend to be more practical than regular folks and will quite often think nothing of carrying a multi tool, a torch or even a knife (depending where you live). The propensity of people to carry weaponry of any kind has always been quite alien to me, being an Englander it has never been something that I have been brought up with so when I see people listing blades which would make Rambo wince as their regular pocket pal it does strike me as odd. I guess it shouldn’t though as elsewhere in the world carrying a knife is considered completely normal, my friend Beatle even designed a knife pocket into the Beatle Buster jeans.


Other commonly occurring items are the more regular keys, phones, wallets, card cases and assorted ephemera. In most cases it is not really just a case of what the items are so much as why the items are, people in this scene are particular about the smallest details so the wallet, phones, phone cases and key rings often have a story of their own, or have been meticulously assembled by their owner at great expense and after much research, with wallets in particular being a seriously expensive part of a persons edc.


For my own part my edc is fairly boring, with no Crocodile Dundee style hunting knives, canisters of mace or stun guns present, I don’t even have a multi tool (yet). What I do have is some coins, some keys, my vintage Budweiser bottle opener (because you never know when someone will offer you a bottle), my iPhone 5S in its ZeeBee Leathers case (See FWA number 3) and my Tush Leathers card case (see upcoming FWA). I own a reasonably well sized and extremely nice wallet by Obbigood Label, but I favour the mini stature of the Tush case these days as I do not really carry that much in it (cash cards and business cards along with the odd crumpled lottery ticket).


If a persons edc is a reflection of their personality as I have seen suggested elsewhere then I do wonder what mine say about me. Looking at the contents of my pockets with an honest eye I would say that I’m a minimalist who values function and design over features, which is a fairly accurate assessment. I’m interested to hear what you consider your edc to be, and what you think it says about you.



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