Denim HQ – Denim on Denim, a Fashion Faux Pas?


In Canada and Texas it is simply known as “the tux”, for a generation of pop stars throughout the 1980’s it was considered de rigueur but in more recent years it has been a subject of derision from people who consider themselves to be fashion forward. Luckily we people who enjoy denim and work wear with an absolute nerd like devotion can never be accused of being fashion forward, and we do enjoy revelling in our differences from the dress code of the masses. To this end I proudly proclaim my enjoyment of the denim on denim look, and I’ll tell you why.


The stigma which has been attached to the denim tux from the mainstream is based on two commonly held visions that present themselves when considering a denim outfit, cowboys and 80’s pop stars. Now, whilst some people may find the cowboy look appealing I don’t think that many would favour looking like a refugee from the Band Aid video, but this does not have to be the case. The two look previously described images are brought together by the over usage of stone washed denim, rather than good old deep indigo raw denim and whilst some will not favour being dressed in mono colour it is certainly not a look which can be tagged with the stone wash banner.


The beauty of deep indigo is that it takes on a character with wear, and I don’t mind wearing twice as much character. I personally favour denim shirts over flannel, and denim jackets over duck so being dressed in double (sometimes even triple) denim is not a rare occurrence for me. Speaking as someone who enjoys subtlety and detailing in the things I own I do take a particular pleasure from mixing different weaves, shades and levels of wear to throw the look out a little, I enjoy mixing up my Dirt Denim tux with my Iron Heart tux as both give me combinations and slightly different aesthetics, whilst still being decidedly denim.


In all honestly I would say the my Trophy Dirt Denim jacket and jeans, and my Iron Heart denim shirt and jeans and probably my most worn items, which probably says more about me that it does the double denim look, but is certainly an indicator of my lack of concern about people mocking the tux. Increasingly on forums and social media these days it is becoming apparent that the denim tux is a favourite of many as people in the work wear scene embrace the full covering with our favourite fabric. I for one applaud this, long may it continue, but if the scene ever makes a full turn to leather trousers to match the jackets then I am afraid I must hand in my membership card and bid you all farewell. Some things are just a step too far.


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