FWA Number 14 – The Dita Winston Glasses Frames


I was a weird kid (no surprise there), whilst most children were horrified at the thought of wearing glasses I always wanted to and I put this down to my childhood obsession with Superman and his alter ego Clark Kent. I have always enjoyed the identity changing quality that spectacles afford, the ability to add or change character, like a mask which does not conceal. It took until I was 30 years old for me hear the immortal words from my optician, “I’m afraid that your eyesight requires correction, we need to give you a prescription for glasses”, I was elated.


Neighborhood/ Effector Tramps

My first foray into quality frames was with a pair of Effector Tramp frames, hand made in Japan and part of a collaboration with famed Japanese street wear label Neighborhood. I thought that they were great, my wife thought otherwise. She said that they were too harsh for my face and made me look unnecessarily stern….I moved them on.



Next came a pair of vintage Persol frames which I picked up in Berlin, they had a great retro style and gave me a whole new look. Again my wife disapproved, she said they made me look old, so…. I moved them on.


Dita Oxford

It was around this time that a friend of mine told me about his Dita frames, in his words “no other frames come close to comparing with them”. A bold claim I thought to myself but it was enough to make me want to see for myself, but certainly enough to make me want to see for myself (pun fully intended), so I bought a pair of Dita Oxford frames for a good price from an internet forum. Sadly, these frames were also not right for me as the colour did suit my pale bald head, the quality of the frames was great, perhaps not as great as my friend had claimed but certainly as good as anything I had tried before and certainly good enough to make my want to try Dita again. All this history brings me to my current, and greatest, frames, the Dita Winston. 


These frames are hand made in Japan from a combination of zyl acetate and titanium, absolutely top grade materials and they are styled in California in a timeless and understated manner to simply exude quality in a way that only the very best things can. The designs from Dita draw inspiration from classic frames from the 1950’s up to the 1980’s, and whilst it is easy to call them reminiscent it is also very true that they are ,at least equally, unique. Each pair of Dita frames is hand assembled, and each different model has a custom designed hinge particular to that exact style, no expense spared at all, and then individually inspected and hand packaged for despatch.




After much searching, testing and trying I believe I have found “my” glasses, they offer me everything that I have always wanted from a set of frames in terms of the aesthetics and the quality. What is more important though is probably that my wife is also happy with them, she just tries to convince me that my beard is in need of reduction now.



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