FWA Number 13 – The Trophy Clothing Reservoir Hood


It’s at this point where I think I should draw attention to the elephant in the room so to speak, which is that I am sure some people are thinking “He only ever really talks about relatively few brands”, well that is true but it doesn’t mean that I have no experience of other brands. I have, through a process of trial, error and experimentation, arrived at the point where I am comfortable with how a few brands do things, and therefore they form the core of my “stuff”, I’m sure that most of you work the same way. To reach this stage I have tried things by lots and lots of different brands which for one reason or another has not worked out for me, some issues of sizing, some of style and some of quality. So anyway, back to Trophy Clothing….


The Reservoir Hood is a flannel lined, hooded waxed coat which incorporates the practical elements of a vintage waxed moto jacket in the mould of Belstaff or Barbour and mixes them in with features from the even more practically designed N-1 deck coat and G-1 flight jacket. It is mid weight, surprisingly breathable whilst also being warm and understated in its design whilst also being absolutely gorged with features and neat little touches of flourish. The cut is a classic boxy work cut with a very slight taper in the body to give it a little bit of shape and contemporise it slightly whilst not removing the ability to layer for the colder months. It is also perhaps the most neatly stitched piece of clothing that I own, there are literally no stitching flaws that I can find anywhere, every seam is tight and secure.


The exterior is made from a lightly waxed durable cotton canvas, I prefer a heavy waxed finish so I am rewaxing mine every 3 or 4 months to slowly build a complete layer of protection, the interior is lined with a soft, bushed Japanese flannel material which I know has been used for shirts by a couple of other manufacturers, here it lines everywhere except the one chest pocket. There are 2 generous pouch pockets which are layered with hand warmer pockets (G1 style) and a single chest pocket, the cuffs and throat latch are all lined with soft and thick corduroy for comfort, this is a nice touch. The metal clips are made of black anodised steel and the zipper is a Talon whilst even the draw strings of the hood are brass tipped.


On the very first day I became aware of Trophy Clothing this was the item which most impressed me and I instinctively knew that this jacket, perhaps more than any other item of clothing that I own, is “my style” if I have such a thing. When it arrived I was actually nervous that it would fit me as the largest size available was labelled as a 42, thankfully they are extremely generously cut and the 42 has an actual chest measurement closer to 46. I give the Reservoir Hood FWA status as it is everything I ever wanted in a jacket, and I know that with proper maintenance it will be with me for the duration and embrace old age with a grace that its owner will probably not.





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