What makes a First World Artefact? The criteria.

What does it take for an item of wear, use or accessory to be come a First World Artefact? What defines this as an item of esteem and personal worth? There have to be rules right? The following 6 rules are how I determine what becomes a FWA.


– The item should be timeless and not fashion focussed. Fashion is fleeting whereas style is permenant.

– The item should be made from some of the finest quality materials available of the type. This might be up for discussion by some, but I believe that when you harvest from the very top of the tree the diffierences become so insignificant as not to really matter.

– The item should be made from ethically sourced parts and materials, right the way through the supply chain.

– The item should be manufactured ethically, by skilled people who are fairly paid for their work. No sweat shop labour allowed.

– The item should be extremely durable, it should be something that (with proper maintenance) will be with you through your entire life.

– The item should be essential to your life and lifestyle, no passenger pieces, only things you will use very regularly year after year.


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