FWA Number 3 – The ZeeBee Leathers iPhone 5 Case

A strange one perhaps to add to the FWA list, after all a phone case will naturally obsolesce along with the product it was designed to protect surely? Well, in the case of a rubber, plastic or even metal covering which has been made with a specific model of phone in mind this will carry a significant amout of truth, however when you have a hand crafted leather case you should perhaps look at the long term use of it to serve other purposes.


We’ll begin by looking at it for what it is, it’s a hand cut, hand sewn iPhone 5S case made from 2.5mm thick vegetable tanned Brazilian leather and thoughtfully slotted with an opening to allow in case charging. The man doing the designing, cutting and sewing is the same man responsible for FWA number 4, who I will talk about more in that feature, suffice to know that his involement is a seal of quality all of its own. There is something about the carapice like nature of leather which makes it ideal as a natural covering for your most personal piece of tech, the juxtaposed feel of natural skin covering glass and metal is something which resonates on an emotive level not achieved ever by man made materials. To own a hand made natural leather case and to see it age and exolve as your phone is kept so pristine thanks to the protection it affords is to see wabi sabi in action.


For those of us who fully appreciate the patina taken on by well worn leather it is indeed a shame that ,by virtue of the task it was designed to do, the case does have a shelf life for many. However, I have already started to put some thought into how I could continue to use and enjoy it, such is my regard. I am thinking that I will return the case to ZeeBee to have the charging port covered with heavyweight denim and continue to use the case to house my occasional vice for small cigars. Just a thought at the moment, but the fact that I am having this thought less than a wekk after taking posession of my second ZeeBee phone case should tell you exactly in how much esteem I hold it.


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