Who I am and what I do.

Welcome to DenimHQ the headquarters of high quality denim and workwear. I am Gavin Smith, also know as Megatron1505, I am the manager of the Heavyweight Denim Championships, the brand manager at http://www.nokipple.com and have spent a fair amount of time travelling the world and working with various well known brands and retailers.


The DenimHQ is where I will talk about my experiences of all things both denim and work wear related from a very personal point of view. When writing the blog I will be writing as a both a fan and consumer of quality clothing and accessories and not in any other capacity. I also have an ongoing theme through some of the pieces I write in my quest for items I like to refer to as First World Artefacts, these are the personal grails, the best of the best, the things that you buy and keep for life and will only ever replace with exactly the same.


I hope you will like what you see and read here, and please feel free to contact me through NoKipple, Superfuture, the HWDC or the Iron Heart forum if there is anything you would like to know or ask.


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