FWA – Where do I start?

I like nice things, and therefore it makes sense to me that I might already have some of the stuff on the list in my posession. A brief thought about the things which I use every day confirms my suspisions, I do have some good stuff and I can already remove some things from the list, I love a positive start.


I love opinions, but only when people can back them up with research and experience. What I plan to do now is to begin looking at the things which I already own and consider to be amongst the best available on the market, conducting a little research on them and really finding out if my high opinion of them is justified or not. I will do this by compiling a series of reviews of my gear, discussing the features I like about it, why I think they are important and how I find it to use in real life, my real life.


These are the things which I have, these will be the first to be reviewed and tested. Some were expensive and some were not (some were free), but each and every one is ,I believe, an object which will remain with me through my life. I will work back wards from the bottom of the list for the simple reason that the item at the bottom of the list is the one that has been put through the most extreme life tests.

Winter Hat
Autumn/ Spring Hat
Autumn/ Spring Jacket
Denim Jacket
Denim Shirt
Chambray Shirt
Pullover Hoodie
Work pants
Work Boots
Casual Boots
Phone Case
Backpack/ Day Bag

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