First World Artefacts – The List



A quick search on the internet for “essential mens wardrobe items” will yield multiple articles and lists claiming to have the “must have 10 items” or the “only 25 items you will ever need”. I read these articles and dismissed them for a couple of very simple reasons, firstly you cannot place a number on the essential items that you need as we are all different in terms of where and how we live, secondly this list is for me and my life not for a New York banker or a Swedish farmer, it’s personal.


So the first questions I had to ask myself were how do I live and what do I use most? These questions are key to compiling my list if I’m going to come up with things that I actually need, also I have to accept that the list will not be exhaustive, we get older and we change what we do or how we do it and therefore our requirements will change. This first list will be for my most basic requirements today, the items should be timeless and I should be able to out them to a variety of uses in a number of situations, both social and practical. Something which perhaps does not need mentioning, but I will anyway, is that everything on this list needs to be amongst the best of its kind available anywhere. Made by people who know about and love their craft from materials which are both durable and aesthetically pleasing and in a manner which is ethically correct throughout their entire supply chain.


With all these thoughts whizzing around my head I shall construct draft 1 of my ultimate list of First World Artefacts, not a list for every man but certainly a list for this man, this is what I came up with from head to toe and beyond…

Winter Hat
Autumn/ Spring Hat
Summer Hat
Winter Coat
Autumn/ Spring Jacket
Summer Jacket
Leather Jacket
Denim Jacket
Denim Shirt
Chambray Shirt
Winter Flannel
Summer Shirt
Formal Shirt
Pullover Hoodie
Zip Hoodie
Basic tee’s
Work pants
Formal Suit
Work Boots
Casual Boots
Formal shoes/ boots
Phone Case
Backpack/ Day Bag
Holdall/ Weekend Bag
Multi Tool

You will notice that jeans are missing from the list, I will dedicate much time on this site to discussing jeans, so to fathom “the best” is beyond my capabilities I am afraid.

It is my contention that by assembling the best I can possibly find of the above items that I will have an array of component ingredients that will see me through life without too much hassle. It is capsule, it is minimal, it is restrictive and yet liberating to know that upon completion I can devote more time to thinking about other things.

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